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November 3, 2018

On the stage, the entrancing young stripper
Enticingly pulled down her zipper…
Arse cheeks like full moons,
Tits like down-filled balloons,
And a cunt like a kid leather slipper!

The lothario

August 29, 2015

Smoking jacketed, red satin slippered,
Silk trousers already unzippered,
He mixed her a drink,
Which was, later she’d think,
Like his lovemaking, bloody insipid!


April 17, 2014

As the Mistress tucked into her kippers,
Bare-breasted, in nightgown and slippers,
The butler stood by
(And the cook’s son and I,
Hidden, smirking, cocks straining at zippers!)

Spilt milk

March 12, 2013

As his hand slid up under her dress,
She sighed “Yes! Oh my God! Touch me! Yes!”
While she pulled down his zip;
She just tickled the tip,
And he came in hand! What a mess!

Tipping the scales

November 1, 2012

He was old, but a generous tipper;
She didn’t make much as a stripper.
New shoes would be nice;
Every girl has her price;
So she knelt and unfastened his zipper.

The fuckless zip

October 2, 2011

He increasingly clumsily fumbled;
“It seems that your zip’s stuck,” he mumbled.
“Indeed? What a shame!
Oh well, what was your name?
You can’t be of much use then,” she grumbled.

Decline and fall

July 17, 2011

He could sense her resistance was crumbling;
Hands, trembling, with zippers were fumbling.
She groped for his prick;
Her vagina felt slick;
“Do it now! Do it hard!” she was mumbling.