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August 23, 2018

What’s a man to do? Who could help lusting?
So beautiful, young, and so trusting!
“Damn perv!” he admits,
As he fondles her tits.
Even he thinks he’s bloody disgusting!

Inciting to riot

August 14, 2018

Cheeky bitch! She like started a brawl,
Only jest old enough, and still small!
Sayin’ “How ’bout a screw?
Maybe startin’ with you,
But there’s plenty damn pussy fer y’all!”


An acquired taste

July 26, 2018

She was young and naive, a bit flustered,
But still, he’d have said, keen as mustard!
She sucked like a pro…
When he came on her, though,
Was she angry, or only disgusted?

Young love

July 15, 2018

They were still in their teens when it started,
Just kids, sailing waters uncharted.
First kiss, roving hands,
And now this! There he stands,
She lies naked, moist labia parted!

In the heat of the moment

July 3, 2018

Well, you know, it can be hard to gauge,
In the heat of the moment, the age
Of a girl. (Too damn young?
God! She’s good with her tongue!)
Though you could, perhaps, ask, at some stage.

Temporary insanity

May 4, 2018

To have fucked her, of course, was insanity!
Still, it had tickled his vanity.
So young and hot!
Well, how could a man not?
Just the way of the world, and humanity!

Low-hanging fruit

April 8, 2018

She was succulent! Juicy and ripe!
A bit young, if you heed all that hype
About dirty old men.
She’d have sex soon, just when?
What a pity he wasn’t that type!

Slight imperfection

March 19, 2015

Young and innocent, highly respectable,
Totally bloody delectable!
Taken to bed,
“Now I’m ruined!” she said,
Though the damage was barely detectable.

A certain inevitability

January 3, 2015

Young and innocent, though well developed,
She panted, she sighed, her heart galloped.
Her clothes fell away;
She would soon, come what may,
Be undone, his cock sweetly enveloped!

The rhythm of life

December 24, 2014

Young and innocent, blindly enamoured,
“I l… l… l… love you!” she stammered,
Her tits flapping round,
Her words drowned by the sound
Of her pussy (Thump! Slap!) being hammered!