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October 9, 2017

A darn gambler, who drifted through town,
Who seduced her and then let her down,
A goddam pussy-rustler,
A card-sharp, a hustler,
Who came on her new satin gown!


Dodge City

September 11, 2017

“Well, my goodness!” thought Kitty. “You villain!
To ravish a girl, Marshall Dillon!
Quite out of the blue,
And a nice big cock too!
You might do it again, too, God  willin’!”


Wild west 11

February 23, 2017

Raped, abducted, abused by this bandit,
Tied up to a tree… Could she stand it?
Nude, narry a garment!
The lecherous varmint!
Could not be more fun if she’d planned it!



Wild West 10

October 29, 2016

Around noon, from the shade where he’d idled,
He roused himself, pissed, spat and sidled
Along to the bar,
Where the young fillies are,
That a man can ride bareback, unbridled!



Wild West 1

November 4, 2015

All those Hollywood cowboys are phoney;
The real ones, lean, mean and bony
Had bad breath and stank,
They fucked whores, swore and drank,
And did intimate things with their pony.

Wild West 2

November 3, 2015

What a low-down darned treacherous snake!
Caught by indians, trussed up to bake,
Nude, narry a garment!
He saved her, the varmint,
Then fucked her, still tied to the stake!

Wild West 3

November 3, 2015

Cowboys loved to root frisky young squaws,
Which was great fun, but risky because
They might finish up scalped,
But it couldn’t be helped;
It was that or just whisky and whores!

Wild West 4

November 2, 2015

They were outlaws, bad men in cahoots;
They robbed banks and divided the fruits
Of their illegal labours,
The wealth of their neighbours,
Their wives, daughters, any stray roots.





Wild West 5

November 2, 2015

Western gals who evaded the clutch
Of the outlaws and injuns and such,
Those who somehow escaped
Being tortured and raped,
Would thank God, but for not very much.



Wild West 6

November 2, 2015

With their rifles and Colt 45s,
And their fists and their boots and their knives,
Cowboys fought to the death,
To their last, cursing breath,
To preserve rooting rights to their wives.