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At the club

July 18, 2018

“God!Those cute little whores, down in Delhi!”
The colonel said. “Titties like jelly!
Like beautiful dolls!
Stick your cock in their holes,
You can feel the rice in their belly!”


July 10, 2018

The come-ons of the pretty young whores,
In their snippets of satin and gauze,
Splendid tits, a nice arse,
As he hurries to pass,
Mr. Charles James Esq. ignores.

Kiss a frog, anyone?

February 27, 2018

Fast becoming a sexual hermit,
Plain luckless and fuckless, a Kermit,
He could have used whores
But he didn’t because …
It lacked romance, he guessed you could term it.


June 27, 2017

In the pre-nup, one worrying clause
Caught her eye, and of course gave her pause;
His damn conjugal right
To a fuck, day or night,
In addition to still rooting whores!


February 22, 2017

Naked, down on the floor, on all fours,
She said “Don’t think that girls are all whores,
But, look, just for tonight,
You can have me, alright?
Fuck me! Do what you like! I’m all yours!”



Wild West 10

October 29, 2016

Around noon, from the shade where he’d idled,
He roused himself, pissed, spat and sidled
Along to the bar,
Where the young fillies are,
That a man can ride bareback, unbridled!



Defile share

October 1, 2015

Quite the life of the party! A tonic!
And wizard at things electronic!
What hearty guffaws,
When he dildoed two whores,
Screaming, jerking, in stereophonic!

The marital contract

February 18, 2015

“Sex is one of a wife’s household chores,
Not too taxing, for all a man’s flaws,”
She said. “Hell! I confess,
I like ironing less!
In a way, one might say, we’re all whores!”


January 3, 2015

The soiree became rather debauched;
Wenches whipped, raped, their pubic hair torched!
The old Marquis de Sade
And his friends partied hard.
Poor whores, underpaid, played with and scorched!

Number one wife

November 13, 2014

Tā de zhàngfu yǒu yīge dá diăo.
Bĭshĭ tā bú chéng yīge lăo piáo,
Bĭshĭ yě bú fābiāo,
Tā gěi hěn duō kǒujiāo
Měige wăn, bāng tā fàngsōng, shuì jiào!

她的 丈夫 有 一个 大 吊。

俾使 他 不 成 一个 老嫖,

俾使 也 不发飙,

她 给 很 多口交,

每个 晚,帮 他 放松,睡觉!

Her old man’s cock’s quite huge and, because
He might otherwise stick it in whores,
She gives plenty of head,
And he fucks her instead,
Till he’s worn out and smilingly snores!