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The serpent’s tongue

May 12, 2018

His intentions remained quite opaque.
The poor girl, with her virtue at stake!
She did love him, she thought,
While he just had his sport,
Only planning to fuck her, the snake!



Yielding not to temptation

November 2, 2015

Like virtue’s last stalwart defender,
A credit to God and her gender,
She kept him at bay,
Although more than half-way
To corrupted, inclined to surrender!

Spare the rod, spoil the child

February 22, 2015

Same old story, sad, commonplace, sordid;
Drunk, rooted, her clothing disordered,
In such sorry state,
When she staggered home, late,
Her dad thrashed her! Thus virtue’s rewarded.

The flesh and the spirit

January 1, 2014

Said a pious young Anglican deacon,
“One’s virtue should shine like a beacon!
When tempted, of course,
One may find, with remorse,
Flesh too willing. The spirit may weaken.”

What odds?

April 14, 2013

The maid glumly considered her plight;
Tipsy, naked, well almost, not quite.
From the bulge in his pants,
There now seemed little chance
That her virtue would see out the night.

Buyer beware

March 2, 2013

Since they hadn’t been caught in the act,
That she’d fucked wasn’t known for a fact.
A more suitable suitor
Was found than the rooter,
Her virtue, he thought, still intact.

Virtual reality

February 13, 2013

Eyes downcast, she undressed, they embraced;
She returned his kiss, girlish and chaste.
Did they fuck? Had she dreamed?
The girl’s virtue, it seemed,
Wasn’t lost, so much, more like misplaced!

suprise girl


December 3, 2012

Cherry-ripe, such a buxom young eyeful!
Her virtue a small thing, a trifle!
She laughed, and let surge
That delicious wild urge,
Neither he nor she wanted to stifle!


February 27, 2012

In the film, from the poem or ballad,
The heroine, helpless and pallid,
Her virtue in peril,
Is rescued by Errol
(Flynn. Clark also valid.)

No harm in trying

February 2, 2012

Young ladies, whenever you flirt you
Do so at the risk of your virtue.
Be mindful, however,
It’s now, or else never,
So maybe a root wouldn’t hurt you!