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The proof of the pudding

December 28, 2018

Though she’d never had sex, she confessed,
She’d most probably like it, she guessed,
And be good at it too,
For all anyone knew,
If and when she were put to the test!

Frilly knickers

November 14, 2018

Frilly knickers, scrunched up, at his feet.
What’s the story? Love? Lust? Bitter? Sweet?
Of virginity lost?
Or just carelessly tossed,
Stained and soggy, leaf-strewn, on the street?

Liar dice

August 28, 2018

The whole night, in her damp bed, she tossed.
She’d risked all, rolled the dice, and she’d lost!
Now he’s had his vile way,
(To him just sordid play),
And she’s ruined, virginity lost!

Pop goes the weasel

August 10, 2018

Flushed and wide-eyed, her pulse all aflutter,
“Be still, heart!” was all she could mutter.
He said “Should I stop?”
“Oh God! No!” … Then a POP!
In it slipped, like a hot knife through butter!

Cherry blossom time

August 1, 2018

Cherry popped… and, of course, she’d survived!
They both laughed a bit, joked and high-fived.
“Did you come?”
She said “Yes,
And I guess, more or less,
If I ain’t coming still, I’ve arrived!”

Playing hard to get

July 22, 2018

If she played hard to get, should she fail,
Should justice, perhaps, not prevail,
The risk, without doubt,
Was she might well miss out,
An old maid, her virginity stale!

Nipped in the bud

May 15, 2018

Girls, come puberty, soon as they bloom,
Await mostly the same pleasant doom;
To be noticed by men,
And desired, and then
Be deflowered; who knows, though, by whom?

Smelling a rat

May 9, 2018

She sobbed “Father, I’d much have preferred
Had you just simply taken my word
That I don’t touch hard liquors…
And sniffing my knickers!
Disgusting! And bloody absurd!

First impression

February 13, 2018

Not too awful, she had to confess:
Not much bleeding, no tears, no stress.
She’d quite liked her first fuck.
(Maybe sheer dumb luck).
“A bit slutty”, she thought, “though, I guess!”

The proof of the pudding

February 7, 2018

Well of course I’m a virgin! she’d say,
Once convinced she should go all the way,
But them damn doubting Thomases,
All lies n promises,
Soon found she wasn’t, someway.