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January 18, 2018

She sobbed, “Father! It’s so damn involved!
It’s as if the damn whole world revolved
Around him! And, well, yes,
We’ve had sex, I confess.
Do you think that I might be absolved?”


January 8, 2018

Though voluptuous, rather a child,
She was easily charmed and beguiled;
Flattered, wildly impressed,
She was swiftly undressed,
And deflowered, debauched and defiled!

Never to be repeated offer

December 17, 2017

Husky-voiced, dusky-skinned, musky-scented;
Big-bosomed, all girl, not augmented;
And hymen intact!
(Well, in actual fact,
Though not broken, extensively dented.)

Non-virgin birth

November 1, 2017

Pregnant! Well! What a great hue and cry!
A young woman of virtue, and shy!
The whole town was amazed,
And, of course, then it raised
The old questions; when, where, who and why?

Square root

October 25, 2017

By some reasoning, quite convoluted,
(So clever, he was, when it suited),
He showed how she could,
And most probably would,
Since she certainly ought to, be rooted.

An idea before its time

October 11, 2017

She teased “Come on! You want to. Own up!”
How their sly, naughty game had blown up!
His cock achingly stiff,
As she stroked it. God! If …
Were she only a bit more grown-up!

Round 2

October 7, 2017

There was no use, she figured, in moping;
The kissing, the passionate groping
Had turned out alright.
Who knows? Maybe tonight
He might root her! Well, no harm in hoping.

College life

September 26, 2017

Back at college, he finally scored;
Not a co-ed, just some local broad.
She was stupid, though cute,
But a root’s still a root,
And free pussy should not be ignored!


September 26, 2017

The poor girl lay awake at night, fretting,
About her new boyfriend and petting;
If she should allow it,
Concerned about how it
Might be, should she not, worth regretting.

Booby prize

September 15, 2017

Arse and tits that a feller could kill fer!
Virginity too, his to pilfer!
He got her undressed,
Copped a grope of one breast,
But a nookie she wouldn’t lie still fer!