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A little knowledge

January 4, 2019

Having sex, if and when it occurred,
Would involve, (or at least so she’d heard),
His thing, hard, in her own…
Then… Oh God! That alone…
Quite disgusting enough! How absurd!

The luck of the draw

January 3, 2019

Young and innocent, though in full bloom,
Very soon, she could only assume,
Sex would somehow occur,
(Which was quite fine with her),
With somebody or other, but whom?

Shock and awe

December 31, 2018

In her cramped little flat, in Westminster,
Determined to not die a spinster,
A virgin old maid,
Although shocked and afraid,
Just the sight of his cock had convinced her!

The proof of the pudding

December 28, 2018

Though she’d never had sex, she confessed,
She’d most probably like it, she guessed,
And be good at it too,
For all anyone knew,
If and when she were put to the test!

Cherry blossom time

October 17, 2018

She was sixteen, no longer a kid,
Cherry something of which to be rid.
That cute guy at the gym,
She could lose it with him…
Could…might…would… in fact, did!

An honest mistake

October 14, 2018

“Me? A virgin? You’re kidding!” she bluffed.
“Check my pussy! Dog-eared and scuffed!”
She was lying, he guessed,
(As she later confessed),
But by then, she’d already been stuffed!


September 25, 2018

His insistent demands grew so heated,
His groping so often repeated,
His hands up her dress,
On her tits! Her distress
So great…”God! Go on! Fuck me!” she bleated.

Against all odds

September 23, 2018

He had such a huge cock, the damn lech!
And the girl, still a virgin, poor wretch!
Her young pussy so tight!
No chance! Well…he just might
Get it in, (which he did), at a stretch!

Made to measure

September 10, 2018

Well, I must say, she said, and sighed sweetly,
Your cock does fit in rather neatly!
I doubted it would!
And it feels so good,
All that great length, inside me completely!

Saying it with flowers

September 5, 2018

He’d brought flowers. She’d been wined and dined,
So she knew what the cad had in mind.
His hand crept up her thigh…
Defloration drew nigh…
To which fate she was blithely resigned!