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Ways and means

February 13, 2018

Though her parents were terribly strict,
Despite morals they tried to inflict,
Still, they couldn’t have known
Things she did on her own,
Nor how often her pussy got licked!

For better or worse

February 7, 2018

She was game, the young bride, quite intrepid;
She knew that the Lord was her shepherd,
But though he took charge,
His cock wasn’t that large,
And his lovemaking sort of, well, tepid.

The proof of the pudding

February 7, 2018

Well of course I’m a virgin! she’d say,
Once convinced she should go all the way,
But them damn doubting Thomases,
All lies n promises,
Soon found she wasn’t, someway.

First date

January 18, 2018

Her first date! Her mum whispered “Now, Bessie,
He seems nice. His outfit’s quite dressy,
But, suit or no suit,
He’ll be wanting a root,
Which, you’ll find, will be terribly messy!”


January 9, 2018

She remained still naive and complacent,
Her sweet sexuality nascent,
The treacherous bloke
Switched his target mid-stroke
From her cunt to the hole just adjacent!

Never to be repeated offer

December 17, 2017

Husky-voiced, dusky-skinned, musky-scented;
Big-bosomed, all girl, not augmented;
And hymen intact!
(Well, in actual fact,
Though not broken, extensively dented.)

No pity for piety

September 19, 2017

She was pretty, though pious and saintly,
A virgin at eighteen still, quaintly.
Two drinks, more or less,
Got her out of her dress,
While she protested, ever more faintly.

The thrill of the chase

September 17, 2017

Pussy sopping, her tender heart raced,
Though she knew that a girl should be chaste.
But what harm, still, she thought,
To be chased first, then caught,
When to not be caught seemed such a waste?

He maketh me down to lie

September 17, 2017

She remained quite remarkably calm,
Though his cock was as big as her arm,
Though a virgin, till then,
With no knowledge of men,
By reciting the twenty-third psalm!




New to the game

August 7, 2017

She was sixteen, maybe, at a stretch,
Still a virgin, most likely, poor wretch!
He could do her himself.
But such pussy! Top-shelf!
Better still, wait and see what she’ll fetch!