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No pity for piety

September 19, 2017

She was pretty, though pious and saintly,
A virgin at eighteen still, quaintly.
Two drinks, more or less,
Got her out of her dress,
While she protested, ever more faintly.

The thrill of the chase

September 17, 2017

Pussy sopping, her tender heart raced,
Though she knew that a girl should be chaste.
But what harm, still, she thought,
To be chased first, then caught,
When to not be caught seemed such a waste?

He maketh me down to lie

September 17, 2017

She remained quite remarkably calm,
Though his cock was as big as her arm,
Though a virgin, till then,
With no knowledge of men,
By reciting the twenty-third psalm!




New to the game

August 7, 2017

She was sixteen, maybe, at a stretch,
Still a virgin, most likely, poor wretch!
He could do her himself.
But such pussy! Top-shelf!
Better still, wait and see what she’ll fetch!

Low-hanging fruit

June 5, 2017

She was ripe for the plucking, essentially,
Ready for fucking, potentially,
Due for a poke
By some fortunate bloke,
Which turned out to be him, providentially!

Wishful thinking

June 2, 2017

Getting older, still virgin, such lust!
It’s a case of get rooted or bust!
Sagging tits, pushing thirty,
Thoughts constantly dirty,
Her pussy just gathering dust!

Call of the wild

May 30, 2017

She attracted men’s amorous glances
At morning teas, suppers and dances;
Her damn chaperone
Wouldn’t leave her alone,
When she’d rather have taken her chances!


The sins of the mother

May 29, 2017

God said no, but poor Kate wasn’t listening,
Legs spread, her young pussy glistening!
Lord! how she’d come!
“Wake up, girl!” called her Mum,
“We’ll be bloody well late for the christening!”


Skewed logic

March 28, 2017

“I’m a virgin,” she whispered demurely.
Kissing could not hurt though, surely?
Touching her, there?
She, in fact, didn’t care
If he finished up fucking her, screwily.


Omar the tent-maker

March 22, 2017

Quite a well-endowed chap, was young Omar;
Too well! Virgin still, Well, so far!
Though most girls just said no,
She said “Give it a go,
Maybe using your cock like a crowbar.”