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Putting her money where her mouth is

March 29, 2017

Did he need to be bloody invited?
Blow job? She’d have been damn delighted!
But no. Stand in line.
Just a fuck would be fine,
If her love must remain unrequited.








The timid maiden

April 11, 2013

Although pretty, the wench was so timid,
Despite the hot passion that simmered,
That welled in her breast,
She said naught to him, lest
She destroy any faint hope that glimmered.

Slippery frippery

March 11, 2013

Their caresses grew frantic and heated;
At length, though, he lay back, defeated,
Still wide of the mark,
Having groped in the dark
At her pussy, frilled, folded and pleated.

By invitation only

July 19, 2011

Though his love for her came uninvited,
His future seemed unfairly blighted:
His love strong and pure
Could not have been truer,
Yet was, nonetheless, unrequited.