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Dining out

May 17, 2018

“Ya habibi”, he said. “Yes, I cheat,
But it’s not that your body’s not sweet!
Though it brings me delight,
It’s the same dish each night,
And, sometimes, a man craves some fresh meat!”

Value judgement

January 10, 2018

“Bein’ faithful ain’t worth a plugged nickel!”
She said. “I ain’t sayin’ a gal should be fickle,
But fuck! What’s the harm,
When men turn on the charm,
In a bit of good ol’ slap ‘n’ tickle?”

To err is human

September 22, 2016

Not exactly, of course, overjoyed,
But not heartbroken, more just annoyed.
He’s deceived her, he’s lied,
Had a bit on the side,
Something she herself tends to avoid.



Pass the butter, please.

September 2, 2016

She fair choked on her toast, thought she’d die,
When her husband said “Don’t mean to pry,
And the sex has been great …
But you’re so smug of late …
Are you getting a bit on the sly?”

The fine print

February 22, 2016

Call me cynical, dull doubting Thomas,
But never believe a girl’s promise
Of faithfulness, love;
Sex and stealth, hand in glove!
While they fuck us they keep themselves from us!

Americana 1

December 5, 2013

Screwing give man and woman delight,
In de morning, lunch-time, in de night!
Sometime man want it more,
Maybe fuck some damn whore!
If his wife find out, who in de right?