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November 22, 2018

“It was dark, boss. The window was foggy,”
He said, his suit muddy and soggy.
“I’d still bet my life,
Though, the broad was your wife,
An’ buck naked, an’ gettin’ it doggy!”


October 19, 2018

“”Yes, I promised to love and obey…
And I wouldn’t have fucked him. No way!
It was just some damn bloke!”
She said. “Kind of a joke…
And I just sucked his cock, like. Okay?”


October 19, 2018

“Look”, she said. “It was wrong, but so what?
I was drunk. I was horny, why not?
He’s your best mate, I know,
And I should have said no…
At the time though, I sort of forgot!”

The missing spark

August 9, 2018

“Is it just simple boredom?” she queries.
In love for a month, then he wearies?
Unfaithful, God knows!
Still, at least, I suppose,
Not in parallel, only in series.”

A tolerant man

September 12, 2013

Though her husband was kind and adoring,
She found marriage lonely and boring;
He fucked her a lot,
But the more that she got,
The more horny, and still went out whoring!


April 2, 2013

A great artist, and rich, was old Pablo,
But also a rogue, el diablo!
Unfaithful as hell,
There’s so much one could tell,
Pero, espa├▒ol yo no hablo!


September 15, 2012

Bored with marriage, she fancied a fling.
That she then not get caught was the thing.
Though it might not seem fair,
In the end, did she care?
She was young enough still; it was spring!


In his dreams

January 4, 2012

He thought “This is as good as it gets!”
He’d suggested a root; she’d said “Let’s!”
But the girl of his dreams
Was unfaithful, it seems,
And a fuck was just hedging her bets.

Truth hidden in plain sight

November 28, 2011

She came home to her husband afraid
That he’d know from her face that she’d strayed,
So she said to him (nude),
“God I need to be screwed!”
(A reliable trick of the trade.)



Life’s too short

October 19, 2011

An old girlfriend rang, wanting to know
If he’d meet her for drinks, and although
He might not tell his wife,
There are some things in life
To which no man should ever say no!