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Led astray

August 20, 2018

Half-undressed, in complete disarray,
It was plain that she’d been led astray
By some lecherous youth,
Her mum thought, though, in truth,
She’d been leading, not led, in a way.


January 8, 2018

Though voluptuous, rather a child,
She was easily charmed and beguiled;
Flattered, wildly impressed,
She was swiftly undressed,
And deflowered, debauched and defiled!

The best of times, the worst of times

March 31, 2017

In the chaos and civil unrest,
She was found one day, dazed and undressed,
How, she couldn’t explain,
Being screwed, in a lane,
By a stranger, in fact, she confessed.


January 31, 2017

She walked round the house mostly undressed;
Flashed her neighbour some arse or some breast.
He was awfully cute!
She’d have loved a nice root,
But best not, not to foul her own nest.





February 12, 2016

What a problem the poor fellow faces;
Undressed, her mysterious places
Uncovered, laid bare,
A blank canvas, but where,
How begin, though, to fill in the spaces?

False impression

February 7, 2016

Though the charms of the girl were much touted,
Her physical beauty undoubted,
When put to the test,
Having got her undressed,
She just sat with her legs crossed and pouted!

Below the belt

January 22, 2016

Not a 10, but she’d do in a pinch.
Half undressed, they went into a clinch,
Then he hitched her astride,
Pulled her panties aside,
And he worked his cock in, inch by inch!

Bad dream

April 28, 2015

As a girl how she’d longingly dreamed
Of her wedding night, flirted and schemed.
Now a bride! At long last!
He undressed, but aghast
At the sight of his penis, she screamed!

Balance of power

May 31, 2014

“Please be gentle, I beg you!” she pleaded.
He grunted, undressed her, proceeded.
He did use some spit,
To assist with the fit,
But used rather more force than was needed.

The whole sex thing

March 12, 2014

Self-possessed, poised, refined, upper crust;
The whole sex thing, though, left her non-plussed!
Must one do it unclothed?
Need one not be betrothed?
She undressed, nonetheless, though she fussed!