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A certain inevitability

January 3, 2015

Young and innocent, though well developed,
She panted, she sighed, her heart galloped.
Her clothes fell away;
She would soon, come what may,
Be undone, his cock sweetly enveloped!

Pulling the strings

October 4, 2012

She loved to lie sprawled in the sun,
Her bikini strings all pulled undone,
Enjoyed seeing men stare,
Like the the thrill of a dare;
She felt free, it was naughty, and fun!


August 22, 2012

Her bikini improbably clings
To her breasts and her bottom. There springs
To her innocent eyes
A sweet look of surprise;
The ties part as I pull on her strings!

Miss Prim

February 29, 2012

She seemed proper, and prim as you please,
But in fact, was a bit of a tease,
With her hair in a bun,
But her blouse left undone,
As she pouted, and jingled her keys.