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Inquisition, the musical

July 9, 2018

“Pull that rope tighter into her crotch!
Rack her harder!” he cried. “One more notch!
Do I make myself clear?
These gentlemen here
Are paying good money to watch!

God’s work

May 22, 2018

The Inquisitor scoffed, “She shall burn!
But repents not, as yet, I discern.
Let us flog those proud breasts!”
He exclaimed to his guests.
“Father Francis, I think it’s your turn.”

The road to sainthood

May 30, 2017

Monstrous men! Have they no self-restraint?
Wicked instruments! Grotesquely quaint.
The Breast-Ripper! The Pear,
(Shoved up heaven-knows-where!)
But needs must, or else not be a saint.

Tough love

August 15, 2011

She was randy, perverted and tough:
She liked sex to be painful and rough.
Bondage, torture, the works,
Were, to her, mere quirks,
Just so long as they stopped short of snuff!