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In the heat of the moment

July 3, 2018

Well, you know, it can be hard to gauge,
In the heat of the moment, the age
Of a girl. (Too damn young?
God! She’s good with her tongue!)
Though you could, perhaps, ask, at some stage.

The gift

July 20, 2017

Sweet sixteen, almost never been kissed;
Such soft lips, and so supple a wrist!
Quite astounding; so young,
Such a talented tongue,
And her slippery grip; rub and twist!

More than she can chew

January 30, 2017

“Are you certain all this is quite safe?”
She attempted to say, the poor waif,
Indistinct, through her gag.
“Can’t we just have a shag?
That damn pussy rope’s starting to chafe!”



The direct approach

March 22, 2016

She was curvy and pretty, big-breasted.
“Nice tits! Want a root?” he suggested.
“You’re pretty well hung,”
She said. “Show me your tongue.
Yeah. Go down on me first,” she requested.

A soft touch

October 29, 2014

A slow hand, a smooth tongue, a soft touch;
Going down on her, foreplay and such;
Take your time! Not too fast!
When you fuck her at last,
She might protest a bit but not much!

Festina lente

December 5, 2013

Once they’d kissed, she was quickly denuded.
So long! All those years deluded!
Hands, fingers, his tongue,
But so hasty, the young!
The whole thing all too swiftly concluded!


Young partially nude couple undressing in bed

Feminine mystique

December 3, 2013

She was beautiful, tall young and sleek,
Ample-breasted, lips bee-stung, unique!
She lay sprawled on his bed,
“I could eat you!” he said,
Which was true, although said tongue-in-chic!

The subjectivity of history

May 2, 2013

She’d had so many lovers, although,
Who was best? How’s a woman to know?
One was good with his tongue,
Some were kinky, well hung,
Others simply just too long ago!

B minus

March 14, 2013

She said “Well,” in a manner off-handed,
“You’re nice, to be perfectly candid;
You’re strong and you’re young,
But you don’t use your tongue,
And that fuck we just had was bog-standard.”

Epicurean curiosity

March 11, 2013

Woman’s clitoris, delicate, tiny,
Concealed, pink, pearly and shiny,
Peruse not in haste;
One should savour the taste,
Strangely sweet to the tongue, and yet briny!