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Apprehending the truth

July 31, 2018

She undressed. His cock stood to attention!
It filled her with great apprehension.
It filled her alright!
Good and hard, Good and tight,
Pretty plainly, of course, his intention!

Dirty old man

September 22, 2017

God! She’s got a delectable body!
Says ‘e, randy old sod, ‘e
Could root that all night,
Says ‘e, juicy n tight,
Bouncy arse, n ‘er tits ain’t too shoddy!

First time lucky

March 16, 2014

“We’ll that wasn’t too bad!” she’d said, brightly.
“Tight fit, but it only hurt slightly!”
She seemed a bit shocked
That he’d gone off half-cocked
Half-way in, so she’d been let off lightly.




January 1, 2014

Although virginal, tight, tense and narrow,
His cock, long, hard, straight as an arrow,
Plunged in to the bone!
Though she let out a moan,
She was secretly thrilled to the marrow!

Turkish delight

April 20, 2013

They call Fatima “Turkish delight”;
Soft, brown skin, pink inside, sweet to bite!
Tasting, smelling of roses.
Sniff! Lick, as she dozes!
A thousand nights fucked, and still tight!

Heaven on a stick

February 1, 2012

She came just to his elbows in height,
Tits not big but not small, about right;
She could perch on his prick
Like a doll on a stick
Or a glove on his hand, but more tight!

Once bitten

August 26, 2011

He said “What, do you think that I’ll bite?
Just one kiss, and we’ll call it a night.”
But he lied, truth to tell,
And she, virgin as well,
Proved corruptible, horny and tight!

Catholic guilt

August 15, 2011

Between pangs of regret, and of guilt
On each stroke he plunged in to the hilt.
It was wrong, but felt right,
And so warm and so tight,
As he flooded her womb with his milt.


July 30, 2011

Her breasts fought, like two cats, in her sweater,
No brassiere, either, to fetter
His naked delight:
It was thin, it was tight,
Now, if only that sweater were wetter!