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Looking her in the eye

December 13, 2017

Middle Eastern girls, sultry, inscrutable,
Bound by traditions immutable,
Hint with their eyes
At the joys twixt their thighs,
But denied, be they ever so rootable!

False surmise

December 15, 2016

From the way that she’d rolled up her eyes,
And her sighs as he fondled her thighs,
She was ready to go,
So the fact she said no
Was a bit of an awkward surprise!



Having one’s way

August 2, 2016

Corset, petticoats, bloomers impeded
One’s access, but once one succeeded,
Soft breasts! Milky thighs!
And the ultimate prize,
Mewling protests and squeals unheeded!

The honey trap

July 15, 2016

Where her slender smooth thighs intersected,
Pink petalled, bedewed and sweet nectared,
Her love-flower bloomed,
He who plucked it, though doomed,
For his bliss, to be cursed and infected!

La belle naïveté

February 7, 2016

As a true connoisseur, his taste leans
To young girls, in their mid to late teens,
With their innocent eyes,
Their smooth virginal thighs
Second-skinned in their tights or their jeans.

Vile seducer

January 8, 2016

He gazed into her limpid blue eyes,
Hotly whispered his well-practised lies,
His right hand on her breast,
While the left one caressed
Ever higher between her locked thighs!

Jeans therapy

October 21, 2015

How he longed to get into her jeans,
By whatever duplicitous means.
He imagined her sighs,
As he stroked her smooth thighs,
And her squishy, warm, pink in-betweens!

Pressing her buttons

September 16, 2015

Candles, flutes; she relaxed, closed her eyes.
His strong hands rubbed her breasts and her thighs,
So damn sensually
That eventually
She begged “Fuck me!” midst soft moans and sighs.

Making hay while the sun shines

August 27, 2015

Just a roll in the hay, a quick tumble;
Some rub and tug, wild grope and fumble,
Bare buttocks and thighs;
No false promises, lies;
A good root though. A girl shouldn’t grumble!

Ban the burqa

November 3, 2014

Between her thighs crouching may lurk a
Mad muslim, a Russian, a Turk, a
Drug fiend, and her breasts
Might be suicide vests…
God! Who knows what she’s got in her burqa?