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In for a penny

August 15, 2018

“Eek!” she cried, the poor girl, disconcerted.
Apart from it seeming perverted,
(She pushed that aside),
She could not quite decide,
Should she swallow it, now that he’d squirted?

Oral testimony

January 8, 2018

Who’d have guessed, when she’d seemed so aloof?
“Gosh!” he said. “Won’t your Dad hit the roof?”
“Well, he would, if he knew,”
She said, “seeing it’s you,
But he won’t, since I’ve swallowed the proof!”

Good housekeeping

March 19, 2017

She’d have done this before, was his guess.
“Hold my drink, I’ll slip out of this dress.
Saves dry-cleaning”, she said,
Then knelt down, gave him head,
Swallowed too, maybe just to save mess.

Beads and trinkets

December 1, 2016

For a necklace, some such gaudy trinket,
She might … but no! Don’t even think it!
To suck’s bad enough,
But to swallow the stuff!
In a wine glass, would anyone drink it?



Taking life as it comes

February 25, 2016

It was dirty and crude, but so thrilling!
No expert, but still she was willing.
His cock down her throat,
Chances pretty remote,
When she swallowed his cum, of none spilling!



Logical fallacy

July 3, 2015

God! Men’s logic was so hard to follow!
He’d dumped her! She felt sort of hollow.
What more could she do?
She gave head, fucked him too!
Maybe threesomes? Or else learn to swallow.

The hoax

August 29, 2013

He begins to sweet-talk her, to coax,
Just one more of his practical jokes;
The deception seems small,
But she swallows it all.
She looks up, and he laughs, and she chokes!

Something fishy

June 13, 2013

A man’s dick in the mouth can’t be trusted.
Girls gag, swallow, feel disgusted.
She too had been caught,
And she afterwards thought
That it tasted like runny fish custard.



Waste not, want not

February 13, 2013

Although not over-fond of the taste,
Though in most ways a prude, and strait-laced;
Though girls gag, dribble, stall,
She just swallows it all,
Since to not do so seems such a waste!

Steep learning curve

July 29, 2012

She’d been screwed everywhere that was hollow,
Gagged, giggled, and made herself swallow;
She felt like a slut,
Which she rather liked, but
She did wonder what else was to follow!