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October 19, 2018

“”Yes, I promised to love and obey…
And I wouldn’t have fucked him. No way!
It was just some damn bloke!”
She said. “Kind of a joke…
And I just sucked his cock, like. Okay?”

An acquired taste

July 26, 2018

She was young and naive, a bit flustered,
But still, he’d have said, keen as mustard!
She sucked like a pro…
When he came on her, though,
Was she angry, or only disgusted?

Talking with her mouth full

March 9, 2016

As she sucked, her head bobbled. Good look!
Her big tits bounced and wobbled and shook.
She said something, or tried,
When he came, her eyes wide,
But it came out as gobbledegook!

The village maid

December 9, 2015

Quite the gentleman, proper nobility,
No doubt about his virility;
Awestruck, she sucked,
Gave herself to be fucked,
To the best of her humble ability.

Introductory offer

November 8, 2015

In a downtown hotel in LA
A young hooker sucked off the valet,
The security crew
And a porter or two,
A few guests. What a fucking melee!

The money where her mouth is

September 2, 2015

As she rubbed, he got harder and bigger.
Encouraged, she rubbed with more vigour,
With plenty of spit,
Sucked and nibbled a bit,
Till he groaned… Splatter! Gag! Well go figure!



February 14, 2015

Though a gentleman, well dressed, fastidious,
Girls found his manners invidious,
Reeling in shock,
When he pulled out his cock
To be sucked, which was warty and hideous!

Coming attraction

October 1, 2014

She’d sucked, nibbled the tip, rubbed her lips with it,
Brushed her bush, pussy and hips with it;
“Big boy!” A smile.
We can fuck in a while,
But right now I’m just coming to grips with it!”


September 14, 2013

He bit hard on her poor sunburnt titty,
Ignored that her pussy was gritty;
Right there, on the beach,
He sucked both, he bit each,
And he sank in his prick without pity!



Going spare

August 21, 2011

What he did with his tongue drove her spare!
Too much bliss for a woman to bear!
He hummed, nibbled and licked,
Sucked and darted and flicked;
Would the man never come up for air?