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Arguing the toss

November 15, 2016

When he wanted a root, she got cross;
She said “Frankly, I don’t give a toss.
Well, I will, but that’s all,
Or I’ll suck it. Your call.
And if that doesn’t suit you, your loss!”




May 4, 2016

Oh for God’s sake! she cried. You buffoon!
Suck, don’t blow. You’re not playing bassoon!
Concentrate on my clit.
Much more lick and less spit.
It’s a cunt, not a goddamn spittoon!



Top shelf

April 4, 2016

Pretty face, like a porcelain dolly,
A figure to match, too, by golly!
Such innocent eyes,
But to no-one’s surprise,
She sucked cock like a hard boiled lolly!

Postman’s knock

March 8, 2016

She rubs, licks it, all shy-like and shivery;
Big and hard, knob sort of livery,
Gives it a suck,
Up and down and … Oh fuck!
Here his cum comes! Splat! Special delivery!

Oral instruction

November 26, 2015

“Can you not find my damn clit or what?
Lick it! TickleĀ it! Rub! Spit! The lot!
We’ll get round to your fuck,
Just get down there and suck!
Yes! Oh God! Yes! That’s just hit the spot!”

Decisions, decisions!

October 8, 2015

A nice cock. So much nicer than some!
Should she suck it, and swallow his cum,
Rub and squeeze with her tits,
Or just see how it fits
In her pussy, or maybe her bum?

Lucky dip

February 10, 2015

Oh my God! What a lovely surprise!
A fat prick of improbable size!
Though afraid it won’t fit,
She licks, rubs it with spit,
And then spreads her legs gamely and tries!

At arm’s length

February 13, 2014

Shocked and awed, still she tried to stay calm.
It lay, heftily, there on her palm.
What to do with it now?
Suck it? Fuck it somehow,
Though as long and as thick as her arm?

All sinners great and small

August 26, 2013

In her innocence, Mary, God bless her,
One Friday night asked her confessor,
“If fucking’s a sin,
To not put it all in,
Or to suck it, which sin is the lesser?”


May 18, 2013

She said “Maybe it might be more betterer,
Wait till my pussy gets wetter, huh?
Suck on my tit,
Rub a bit on my clit,
Or there’s vaseline, butter et cetera.”