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November 3, 2018

On the stage, the entrancing young stripper
Enticingly pulled down her zipper…
Arse cheeks like full moons,
Tits like down-filled balloons,
And a cunt like a kid leather slipper!

The bucks party

April 19, 2017

His five minutes of fame! Damn notorious!
How was it? God! Fucking glorious!
Banging that stripper…
Those tits! What a ripper!
Blind drunk, of course. Fucking uproarious!

Counting her blessings

March 17, 2016

Naked mostly, both off and onstage,
Body still pretty good for her age;
Though the wrong side of thirty,
Still randy and flirty.
Booze, tips, tricks, why work for a wage?

Little Egypt

January 22, 2016

She danced helluva fine hootchy kootchy!
Her g string was gen-yoo-ine Gucci.
Between sets, she’d cruise,
Sit on laps, drink some booze,
And for ten bucks, she’d get real smoochy!

God’s omniscience

November 8, 2015

She’s a dancer, she tells him, off-Broadway.
A stripper. Who cares? The good Lord may.
Does God really care
If crude drunken men stare,
While she takes off her clothes in a bored way?

Life is a cabaret

May 18, 2015

Just a stripper, but quite the artiste,
She kept time with the music, at least.
“Turn it up,” her boss said,
“Show some pussy instead.
Shake them tits too.” Insensitive beast!


March 19, 2015

Sequins, feathers, abundant young curves,
She said “God! I’m a bundle of nerves!
What would Mum and Dad think
Of me, flashing the pink
To a roomful of drunken old pervs?”



Tipping the scales

November 1, 2012

He was old, but a generous tipper;
She didn’t make much as a stripper.
New shoes would be nice;
Every girl has her price;
So she knelt and unfastened his zipper.

Piece de resistance

August 23, 2012

Any trick that the vice laws allowed,
She performed for her Saturday crowd.
When some fortunate punter
Slipped into her cunt, her
Adoring fans roared, long and loud!


Boy’s night out

November 30, 2011

The boy’s filthy remark and his titter
Betrayed an embarrassing jitter.
In front of his nose,
The girl struck a lewd pose,
Wearing just a few sprinkles of glitter!