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The bottom line

September 25, 2018

Look, I’m sorry to be a wet blanket,
She said. Spank my arse! Go on! Spank it!
I’ll give you a suck,
But I don’t want to fuck.
Here, give me your cock and I’ll wank it!

Naughty, but nice

December 25, 2013

Santa gave her young titties a squeeze.
“You’ve been naughty,” he said, with a wheeze,
“So I’m going to spank you.”
“Gosh! Yes!” she said, “Thank you!
And spank me hard too, Santa, please!”

Shades of Grey

September 8, 2012

That unscrupulous bloke, Christian Grey,
Being wealthy, liked having his way.
When he met young Miss Steele,
He said “Here’s the deal;
I spank you, we fuck, and I pay.”

Anastasia said “What? I’m no whore!”
But his assets were hard to ignore;
The flash cars and the house.
Was she woman or mouse?
For all that he could beat her red raw!

The help

August 30, 2012

The girl’s duties are strictly defined,
Cooking, cleaning, sex, things of such kind;
A combined wife and whore,
He can fuck or ignore,
Or just tie up and spank, to unwind.

Turning the other cheek

July 19, 2011

When she laughed, and she called him a wanker,
He chose not to give in to rancour,
But said “We shall see”,
Put her over his knee,
And then pulled down her panties to spank her!