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August 30, 2018

Truth or Dare, that’s the name of the game;
Shame, embarrassment, sex thrills the aim.
So, she’s naked, (well natch!)
Red-faced, spreading her snatch…
But so far it’s all still pretty tame.

Snatch and grab

January 4, 2015

Though she fought tooth and claw, scratch and jab,
Still he groped, squeezed and poked; snatch and grab!
Panties gone, her dress torn,
She thought, beaten, forlorn,
“Why on earth¬†did I not catch a cab?”

A nod as good as a wink

November 14, 2014

Having kissed her of course, which he has,
Squeezed her tits, grabbed her snatch, all that jazz,
Got some head, what the hell,
Then a man might as well
Say they’ve fucked, or at least as good as!


October 28, 2014

Handsome bastard, he had quite an aura;
He left girls both sadder and poorer.
Huge cock, ego to match;
A girl’s heart and her snatch,
If not broken, were battered and sorer!


September 7, 2012

In stilettos, her big bottom wobbled,
Her snatch twitched, her bare bosom bobbled.
She swayed when she walked,
And she purred when she talked.
Her eyes rolled, as she gagged, as she gobbled.


So he reckoned

July 21, 2012

With a wink and a gesture, she beckoned;
Bold, buxom, delightfully fecund,
The young snatch of whom,
In a small upstairs room,
He could be up, and would, in a second!

The way to a girl’s heart

May 27, 2011

She sat, charming and poised and unruffled;
From under her skirt, where he snuffled,
He sent out dispatches,
Whilst breathing in snatches,
Impassioned, though fuzzy and muffled.