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October 14, 2018

Finger-fucking her tight little slit…
Two! Three! Four! She gasps! God! They all fit!
Now she’s making a fist!
Plunge it in to the wrist…
Though it’s like her poor pussy will split!

Testing limits

March 11, 2016

Black boys’ cocks! Halfway down their damn thighs!
Why don’t white boys have peckers that size?
Would a black penis fit
In her little white slit?
Well, she won’t ever know, till she tries!

Life hack # 297

September 17, 2015

Girls are blessed with the cutest pink slits,
Where, like hand in glove, man’s penis fits.
Though they’re self-lubricating,
It does save the waiting,
If firstly one licks them, or spits.

Hey diddle diddle

July 11, 2013

She was feisty and fit as a fiddle,
Good sort, randy; hey diddle diddle!
Nice firm, bouncy tits,
Yummy, juicy pink bits,
And the handiest slit in the middle!

Self discovery

June 10, 2013

With her fingers, helped out by some spit,
She pokes, rubs up and down in her slit.
“Where’s this clitoris thing?
Wait! What’s that? Pow! Kerrrrrching!
And again! Oh my God! Yes, that’s it!”

That's it

Midnight flit

December 1, 2012

When her eyes met her own, just a flit,
Her eyes narrowed, a sensuous slit.
Did she wink? Did she smile?
God! She liked the girl’s style!
She could go for her, lickety-split!


Straying hand

July 22, 2011

She said “Just slide your hand up a bit,
Till you come to a slippery slit.
No! You’re going off track!
You’re too far to the back!
Find the hair! Now you’re there! God! That’s it!”


March 17, 2011

English girls call their pussy a “twat”,
From the Norse word for cleft, slit or slot.
It is not pronounced “twat”,
As in “don’t kick the cat”;
British women should know what they’ve got!