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Tickling her fancy

March 28, 2018

Giggling drunk, about three-quarters pickled,
Her pussy squelched softly and trickled,
Each step of the way;
Yep, she would have to say,
She’d been proper and good slapped and tickled!

Value judgement

January 10, 2018

“Bein’ faithful ain’t worth a plugged nickel!”
She said. “I ain’t sayin’ a gal should be fickle,
But fuck! What’s the harm,
When men turn on the charm,
In a bit of good ol’ slap ‘n’ tickle?”

Good time girl

August 3, 2015

She was vacuous, giggly and fickle,
But loved the good old slap and tickle,
Or try something new?
She was up for that too!
Yes, by god, she was worth every nickel!