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Cherry blossom time

October 17, 2018

She was sixteen, no longer a kid,
Cherry something of which to be rid.
That cute guy at the gym,
She could lose it with him…
Could…might…would… in fact, did!

The right stuff?

July 20, 2018

Maybe sixteen, and pretty enough,
Sexy dress, make-up, strutting her stuff,
Acting ready to screw;
Poor girl, what would she do
If a man felt like calling her bluff?

Opportunity knocking

July 12, 2018

At sixteen, still a virgin (though barely),
Life treated her bloody unfairly,
She thought, with a pout,
Having once more missed out,
When the chance of a root came so rarely!

New to the game

August 7, 2017

She was sixteen, maybe, at a stretch,
Still a virgin, most likely, poor wretch!
He could do her himself.
But such pussy! Top-shelf!
Better still, wait and see what she’ll fetch!

The gift

July 20, 2017

Sweet sixteen, almost never been kissed;
Such soft lips, and so supple a wrist!
Quite astounding; so young,
Such a talented tongue,
And her slippery grip; rub and twist!


December 18, 2016

By sixteen, she’d matured and bloomed,
Ripe and ready, flirtatious, perfumed,
Out with boys late most nights,
Sampling all the delights
Of the flesh, her poor parents presumed.



Coming of age

October 19, 2016

Birthday lunch at the Ritz, very pleasant!
“More champagne, my girl? How’s your pheasant?”
Her rich uncle paid.
“Sixteen. Time you got laid.
And no time, dear girl, like the present!”


Ignorance is bliss

October 19, 2016

Daddy tucked her in, kissed her goodnight,
Almost sixteen; somehow not quite right.
He’d just die if he knew
The rude things that she’d do
To herself when he turned out the light!




October 2, 2015

Just sixteen, her libido emergent;
Desires distressing and urgent,
Cunt constantly wet,
Pungent, muskier sweat.
Memo: Buy stronger laundry detergent.



Post-traumatic dress disorder

October 27, 2014

Just sixteen, little more than a child,
But precocious, flirtatious and wild!
Clumsy hands in her bra,
Being fucked in a car,
Though what trauma this caused did seem mild.