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Heaven and earth

December 7, 2018

Poor young lass, sorely used by the preacher,
In ways lewd and sinful, vile creature,
God’s servant indeed!
Saggy-bellied, weak-kneed,
And so unprepossessing of feature!

Small sins

July 11, 2018

Not a slut, but a frequent transgressor,
She said to her father-confessor.
Was sex still a sin,
If not all the way in,
Or, perhaps, she hoped, somehow, a lesser?



July 6, 2018

The poor girl, she was tortured infernally,
Doomed, she expected, eternally,
Once she gave in,
Though she’d known it was sin,
But goddamn! It felt so good, internally!

The rough with the smooth

May 7, 2018

Her upbringing was godly and stuffy;
She came home, though, drunk, eyelids puffy,
A just-rooted grin,
Having opted to sin,
And, by choice, with boys rowdy and scruffy!

The impotence of prayer

March 13, 2018

Women pray to their various gods,
Pious whispers and gestures and nods.
If their gods only knew
The lewd things they then do,
They’d be damned, but then, what are the odds?

The unspeakable

February 28, 2018

A small sin, just a slight moral lapse,
A small act of rebellion perhaps.
She’d kissed … never mind who,
And gone down on him too,
And quite possibly (fill in the gaps).


October 30, 2017

It was hard to know where to begin.
All those acres of lovely bare skin!
Firm of arse, full of breast …
Begging “Come! Be my guest!”
Such a sweet invitation to sin!


June 5, 2017

She confessed sinful thoughts to her pastor.
He said “Child, it’s no great disaster.
We all, even I,
Burn with lust, which we try
To control, but at times cannot master!

Apple of his eye

March 7, 2017

Through the stained glass, the light fell to dapple
Her splendid young bosom, in chapel,
Delicious temptation
To cohabitation,
With which Father Riley must grapple!

The apostate

February 23, 2017

Since she’d got over God, thoughts of hell,
She found life much more fun, truth to tell;
She’d go out, get a skinful,
Come over all sinful,
And get herself rooted, as well!