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October 29, 2018

She served drinks in a tavern and whored.
Shame and guilt she could hardly afford.
Just a sort of a life,
Till a mother and wife,
A fond dream she was working toward!


August 30, 2018

Truth or Dare, that’s the name of the game;
Shame, embarrassment, sex thrills the aim.
So, she’s naked, (well natch!)
Red-faced, spreading her snatch…
But so far it’s all still pretty tame.

Natural beauty

March 4, 2016

Husband dead, drunken bastard, unmourned,
Jewels, fine clothes and bonnets long pawned,
And still young, more’s the shame!
So she went on the game,
Lovely body, most nights, unadorned!

Feudal doodle

October 13, 2013

Women born back in times medieval,
Of violence, fear, upheaval,
Perhaps didn’t mind
Sex, rape, things of that kind,
Or if porridge contained the odd weevil.

Romeo and Juliet

May 12, 2013

Juliet, horny, woke up at cock-crow.
Her hand, once again, felt his cock grow.
Somewhat to her shame,
She did not know his name.
Was it Romeo? Bloody nice cock though!

Awkward moment

August 24, 2012

Weeping tears of anger and shame,
Nonetheless, she most certainly came,
And his only regret
Was he hadn’t as yet,
And he couldn’t remember her name!

Gin fling

March 18, 2011

He was named, shamed, and charged with assault,
But, in fairness, it wasn’t his fault:
They were both drunkĀ on gin,
He was more out than in,
When the girl got cold feet and called halt.