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Heaven and earth

December 7, 2018

Poor young lass, sorely used by the preacher,
In ways lewd and sinful, vile creature,
God’s servant indeed!
Saggy-bellied, weak-kneed,
And so unprepossessing of feature!


August 16, 2018

A bit daft, poor girl, somewhat impaired,
Cursed with beauty, she wouldn’t be spared.
“Come, play my new game!”
He urged, much to his shame,
Not as if, though, in fact, that he cared!


August 14, 2017

Though such things were beneath him, ostensibly,
Sometimes, he thought only sensibly,
Burning with lust,
He betrayed women’s trust,
To abuse them, poor souls, indefensibly!

A man of the cloth

January 20, 2013

Although old, and a man of the cloth,
Though he risked getting caught, and God’s wrath,
When he fondled the cock
Of a boy of his flock
His slack mouth and his prick would both froth.

Pastoral matters

February 27, 2012

As a Catholic priest, he eschews
Married life, and should also refuse,
As a man of the cloth,
And on pain of God’s wrath,
Sex with those whom he’s prone to abuse.