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The disconnect

December 20, 2016

“Want a root?” he asked. Rather succinct.
She’d thought love and sex pleasantly linked,
But not so, it would seem;
The brute act and the dream
Not divorced, but yet sadly distinct.



Pass the ketchup

April 26, 2016

Sex is sex, nothing very profound,
And assuming the low moral ground,
Love or not, it’s what’s real,
Like sharing a meal;
With luck, there’s enough to go round!

Once upon a time, in Vienna

March 21, 2016

As she said to that man, Dr Freud,
She found sex, which at first she’d enjoyed,
Indeed, quite to excess,
Now, she had to confess,
Left her feeling just vaguely annoyed.

First things first

March 10, 2016

Love and sex go together, ideally;
Know the girl’s name, at least, clearly.
Sometimes though, like,
It’s like riding a bike,
Just a fuck, and who gives a fuck, really?

Funny business

February 14, 2016

Sex was quite fun, according to rumour.
Her girlfriend, an avid consumer,
Said try it with toys,
And then move on to boys,
Which quite tickled her sick sense of humour!

Something to get her teeth into

September 4, 2015

Sex and drugs, she thought; God, what a bore!
She just didn’t get off any more.
Bondage? Fun for a while.
Other girls? Not her style.
Maybe vampires. Blood-sucking! Gore!

Sex and love

June 22, 2015

Sex and love, not to be disingenuous,
Much as the link may be tenuous,
One may still find
Become blurred in one’s mind,
If the fuck is sufficiently strenuous!

Sunny side up

May 3, 2015

Sex is meant to be good fun and funny,
Not all about power and money.
It’s laughing in bed,
Loving words, softly said;
That’s what makes women’s honey pots runny!


November 10, 2014

They had sex every Thursday, which suited;
She’d dressed, but his ardour rebooted.
She mildly protested
But, easily bested,
Was soon unzipped, stripped and rerooted!

The shrew

November 10, 2014

He liked sex, but his sex drive was flagging;
His shrew of a wife and her nagging,
Her cold, mocking tone
Put him off, while her own
Tits and arse, all her best bits, were sagging!