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In vino veritas

December 7, 2018

She woke, naked, and covered with goo,
Squirted, splattered by goodness knows who,
On a damp, smelly bed,
Squishy pussy, sore head,
And thought “God! What on earth did I do?”

The charlatan

October 18, 2018

The sly preacher proclaimed she’d be cured
By faith, and his seminal fluid.
They prayed, she undressed;
She was orally blessed,
And her cunt sacramentally skewered!

In the scheme of things

August 22, 2018

She was prone to excess of emotion;
He flatly rejected the notion
His own small deposit,
(A thimble-full, was it?)
Was more than a drop in the ocean.

A bit tacky

August 22, 2018

Pussy trickling a seminal ooze,
Down her thighs, squishing into her shoes,
Too far out of it, though,
To care, even to know
It was there, let alone wonder whose!


July 11, 2018

Smitten, awestruck, enraptured, she gazed,
By excess of desire quite crazed,
As his penis unfurled,
Rampant, droplet be-pearled,
Like the leg of a beast, God be praised!

After the flood

September 12, 2017

His cock, big as a donkey’s and gross,
Didn’t split her in half, but came close!
Semen gushed down her thighs,
As she rolled up her eyes,
As she came, and became comatose!

Beads and trinkets

December 1, 2016

For a necklace, some such gaudy trinket,
She might … but no! Don’t even think it!
To suck’s bad enough,
But to swallow the stuff!
In a wine glass, would anyone drink it?



Good, wholesome fun

November 28, 2016

This way, that way, for over an hour,
Her sweat mixed with butter and flour,
And oil, and eggs,
Semen too, down her legs.
Should they eat now, or after a shower?






October 29, 2016

No, she thought, men are not to be trusted,
Disheartened, dismayed and disgusted,
The fuck’s bad enough,
Let alone the vile stuff,
With which most of her most of her clothes was encrusted.



Plum in her mouth

March 23, 2016

Just at home, but her accent still plummy,
At breakfast she said “You know, Mummy,
I know we discussed
Sex and all that. It’s just …
Well, you never said semen’s so yummy!”


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