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The balance of trade

May 22, 2018

Once seduced and abandoned, betrayed,
She soon turned to the world’s oldest trade.
She did rather well, though,
Dressed up nice… even so,
It was all a pathetic charade!

The silver lining

May 16, 2018

Men are bastards, she’d learned, to her cost.
Having been seduced, then double-crossed.
Then she found out men paid,
Though, to get themselves laid,
Pretty well, too, so all was not lost.



October 9, 2017

A darn gambler, who drifted through town,
Who seduced her and then let her down,
A goddam pussy-rustler,
A card-sharp, a hustler,
Who came on her new satin gown!


The cut of his jib

June 4, 2017

Quite a nerve! Yet she still had to smile,
Handsome fellow, though just rank and file.
Got himself introduced:
She was halfway seduced!
Yes, she had to admire his style!

The light of day

April 4, 2017

She’d have thought she’d have some sort of warning,
But no… comprehension still dawning,
She’s woken up nude,
Sticky, recently screwed,
In his bed, and it’s already morning!



Pregnant pause

February 27, 2017

Oh so sweet did his fervid kiss taste,
But her trust, oh so sadly, misplaced!
Seduced, ravished, defiled,
Now alone and with child,
Disappointed, disowned and disgraced!




December 10, 2015

Whether tricked or seduced or ensnared,
At this point she no longer damn cared.
If he stopped now she’d die …
She came then, with a cry!
And just think, she might well have been spared!

Spare the rod, spoil the child

February 22, 2015

Same old story, sad, commonplace, sordid;
Drunk, rooted, her clothing disordered,
In such sorry state,
When she staggered home, late,
Her dad thrashed her! Thus virtue’s rewarded.

The girlfriend

June 29, 2014

Over time marriage soured, love dwindled;
She felt she’d been screwed, used and swindled.
Though not quite intended,
A girl she befriended
Seduced her and passion rekindled!

The cad

April 16, 2014

It was all lies, deceit, a vile ruse,
To seduce her, bamboozle, confuse;
When the cad had his way,
Though she begged him to stay,
He found some other girl to abuse.