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Jack and Jill

February 26, 2018

As the day dragged on, stifling a yawn,
“Serves me right, staying up until dawn,”
She thought. “Wish I’d been drunk,
Getting screwed by some hunk,
Not at home, jilling off, watching porn!”

Cabin fever

January 6, 2018

As the wife of a woodsman, the thing
Is, all summer it’s green, the birds sing
But, the first dump of snow,
Ain’t no place you can go,
Just get screwed, day and night, until spring!

The burden of responsibility

October 30, 2017

Though she did feel sort of ashamed,
She protested that she’d been defamed;
Yes, she’d screwed lots of men,
Or they her, and so then
You’d have thought that she couldn’t be blamed!

No big thing

August 4, 2017

Though the time and the place might not suit,
Despite having the rags on, to boot,
Although not in the mood,
To be frank, to be screwed,
What the fuck, right? It’s only a root!

The town bike

June 25, 2017

Just a slut, just a tramp, the town bike.
She’s screwed Tom, Dick and Harry. And Mike,
Neighbours, schoolboys, some guy
Who just winked, passing by.
What a woman! God! What’s not to like!



The mortification of the flesh

June 19, 2017

She was, frankly, a bit of a prude.
God forbid she should ever be screwed!
Left, of course, on the shelf,
She could finger herself,
But this gross pleasure, too, she eschewed.

The light of day

April 4, 2017

She’d have thought she’d have some sort of warning,
But no… comprehension still dawning,
She’s woken up nude,
Sticky, recently screwed,
In his bed, and it’s already morning!




March 8, 2017

The poor girl couldn’t quite understand,
(Though, of course, he’d have had it all┬áplanned),
How she came to be nude,
On her back, being screwed,
By some subterfuge, some sleight of hand!

Angels on the head of a pin

December 8, 2016

The discussion became esoteric;
“The term virgin,” shouted one cleric,
“Still does not preclude
That she might yet be screwed
In ways other than fucking generic!”



Re: Capitulation

December 8, 2016

“Though you marriage may be somewhat dull,”
Said her lawyer, “the grounds to annul,
Sadly do not include
One’s just not being screwed
As one wants. Get it into your skull!”