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The whisky speaking

July 14, 2018

Her came onto her, some crude damn punk!
“Want a fuck?” he asked. “Yes, I am drunk,
So are you, though, no doubt,
And it’s screw, or miss out!”
“True enough”, she thought. “Okay.” Slam dunk!


July 9, 2018

Said her agent “It might not dismay
You to have to fuck me, but this may,
That you will have to screw
The photographer too,
If you want to be Penthouse Miss May.”


July 9, 2018

Being limp-dicked, ashamed and remorseful,
But, nonetheless, rather resourceful,
He finished the screw
With the toe of her shoe,
Though he needn’t have been quite so forceful!


A girl has her limits

May 4, 2018

“I do hope that you don’t misconstrue
Me,” she said. “Though you’re quite a good screw,
Well, three times is enough!
We could do other stuff…
Maybe go to the pub for a brew?”

First kiss

January 11, 2018

There was a young girl from Moruya;
Just had her first kiss! Hallelujah!
She whispered to Mum,
Who came over all glum,
And said “Next, he’ll be wantin’ to screw ya!”


December 13, 2017

Her good name, alas, unfairly tainted!
Some dirty rat, hardly acquainted,
Exposed himself to her,
Then went on to screw her,
Poor girl, when she squealed and fainted!

Dear John

September 7, 2017

As she said in her note, “Dear John,
My nice arse, out of which the sun shone,
My sweet tits, pussy too,
Which you so loved to screw,
When you read this, you’ll find, will be gone!”

Good wine and good women

August 13, 2017

Grown-up kids and all that, but still lusty,
Great arse, pretty face, nice and busty.
He gave her a screw,
And went down on her too,
Though her pussy did smell a bit musty.

Carte blanche

July 13, 2017

She begged “Darling, I want you to do me!
I don’t mean just basically screw me,
Get rough! Make me sore!
Treat me like I’m your whore!
Tie me up! Just do anything to me!”

Ignorance and the law

June 18, 2017

The court found that the girl did assent
Without thinking much, though, what it meant,
About what he might do,
Parts of her that he’d screw,
The strange games that the man would invent!