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Animal magnetism

November 9, 2018

Of finesse he was simply devoid.
She perhaps should have been more annoyed.
Just wham! Bam! The big brute!
A rough, animal root,
She’d surprisingly, though, quite enjoyed!

Worked over

July 18, 2018

First a head job (well, throat fuck), then, finally,
Over an armchair, vaginally.
All fair enough,
But then once again, rough,
Up the arse, which annoyed her, though minorly.

Measuring up

September 18, 2017

“Fuck with you?” was her acid rebuff.
“Well perhaps, if your cock’s big enough,
Say ten inches or more.
A small cock’s such a bore!
Yes, you’ll do, but it has to be rough!”

Carte blanche

July 13, 2017

She begged “Darling, I want you to do me!
I don’t mean just basically screw me,
Get rough! Make me sore!
Treat me like I’m your whore!
Tie me up! Just do anything to me!”

Bottom shelf

April 19, 2016

He’s a good pimp, a bit of a ponce,
But don’t care what it is a man wants.
Whips and chains, all that stuff,
He’s got girls like it rough,
Mind, of course, you don’t get much response.

Odds and ends

May 27, 2015

Not to be, well, a bit pessimistic,
She knew he was rather sadistic;
She did like it rough,
But it seemed fair enough
Not to want to end up a statistic.



Coalition of the willing

July 29, 2014

At the bar he picked up a young redhead,
Nice tits, (but a bit of a dead-head),
And willing enough;
Didn’t mind he got rough,
Being spanked or hand-cuffed to the bed-head.

Making a virtue of necessity

April 20, 2014

He was rough, and a bit of a lech.
He just stripped her and fucked her, poor wretch!
Foreplay? None of the sort!
“Lucky, ain’t it,” she thought.
“Pussies self-lubricate, and they stretch!”


June 12, 2013

She’s petite, cupcake-breasted and slender,
Likes rough sex, or kinky or tender;
No fuss what goes where,
Doesn’t worry or care
Who comes how, irrespective of gender.

The beast within

June 29, 2012

At the risk of the girl’s brisk rebuff,
He gave in to an urge to be rough;
He tore off her nice dress;
She would later confess,
Though she’d cried, she could not get enough!