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August 14, 2018

So, she’s naked, tied up, for a dare…
And he’s rooted her! That wasn’t fair.
Now he’s called up his friends,
(You can guess how this ends),
But she says “Do I look like I care?”

Getting over it

August 1, 2018

She’d been rooted and then cast aside;
The damn fellow, she thought, had a hide!
But no harm done at all,
And his cock was quite small,
If the ones she’s had since are a guide.

Truth in advertising.

July 11, 2018

“I’m a virgin,” she said. “Bona fide!”
But, of course, it turned out that she’d lied.
She’d been rooted by men,
Not just now and again,
But extensively so, far and wide!

Doing the dirty

May 10, 2018

She could act quite the slut, when it suited,
Get drunk, flash her tits and get rooted.
Most nights, in fact, though,
If asked out, she said no,
And stayed home and, like, just self-polluted.

The rough with the smooth

May 7, 2018

Her upbringing was godly and stuffy;
She came home, though, drunk, eyelids puffy,
A just-rooted grin,
Having opted to sin,
And, by choice, with boys rowdy and scruffy!

Is this love?

April 2, 2018

Modern Miss Quiz
Is This Really Love?

[  ]   Love and sex: pretty much hand in glove?

[  ]   Gave him head your first date?

[  ]   Anal sex? Yes! Can’t wait!

[  ]   Bondage? Whips? Fuck, yes! All the above!


February 8, 2018

She was hot, but a bit of a floozy;
He rooted her in the jacuzzi.
He would have preferred
Some place less, like, absurd,
But, in fact, he just wasn’t that choosy.

Ground hog lay

January 28, 2018

Web-based porn’s great! That can’t be refuted.
Point, click, and the gangbang’s rebooted;
The girl’s on her knees,
Looking sweet as you please,
Then click PLAY, and she’s being re-rooted!

Social intercourse

December 17, 2017

Though they hadn’t been introduced formally,
Though she would never have normally
Rooted the man,
Still it somehow began,
And continued, discreetly, if stormily!


December 13, 2017

A great beauty, one couldn’t deny it;
She rooted, but just on the quiet.
If word got around
That she did, as she’d found,
There ensued an unseemly, lewd riot!