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Calling her bluff

March 16, 2018

She’ll just grit her teeth, grin, and be strong.
Well, how long can a root take? Too long!
Though she’d led him on, yeah,
Still, it doesn’t seem fair!
How could things go so horribly wrong?


March 11, 2018

Slightly drunk. half-undressed, she reclined.
He suggested a root. She declined,
Not from meanness or spite,
But then said “Oh, alright”,
Out of boredom, or just to be kind.

A bit Irish

March 8, 2018

“Put yer panties back on, ya big sook!
Ain’t no harm in just havin’ a look!”
He said. “I showed ya mine!
Ya don’t want a root? Fine!
Fook off then! I don’t give a damn fook!”

Doing her duty

February 26, 2018

Dashing, handsome, his blue eyes hypnotic,
The uniform strangely erotic.
“Alright, you big brute,
Yes, I’ll give you a root.
Well, to not would seem unpatriotic!”

Sang froid

February 9, 2018

Quite renowned for her icy reserve,
She said “God, man! You’ve got some damn nerve!
And trespassing to boot!
Still, I’ll give you a root,
Though it’s more than you bloody deserve!


January 25, 2018

Fucking other girls wasn’t the same.
A plain root, somehow, now seemed so tame!
Whips and chains, nasty toys,
Other girls, other boys …
She did things that perhaps had no name!

First date

January 18, 2018

Her first date! Her mum whispered “Now, Bessie,
He seems nice. His outfit’s quite dressy,
But, suit or no suit,
He’ll be wanting a root,
Which, you’ll find, will be terribly messy!”

Lonesome cowboy

December 18, 2017

He approached her, said “Howdy there, ma’am!
I need cash, but this ain’t no damn scam;
Just, I’m handsome and young,
And I’m pretty well-hung.
If you want a good root, here I am!”

Brewer’s droop

November 5, 2017

Though the barmaid kept flirting and winking,
He went on, just steadily drinking.
The girl was damn cute;
She was up for a root,
But with each shot, his hard-on was shrinking.

Round 2

October 7, 2017

There was no use, she figured, in moping;
The kissing, the passionate groping
Had turned out alright.
Who knows? Maybe tonight
He might root her! Well, no harm in hoping.