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Lady Luck

August 10, 2017

A big gambler, a bit of a joker,
He wagered his girlfriend at poker.
The fellow who won her
Complained, when he’d done her,
The root had been just mediocre.

Not to sell herself short

June 30, 2017

Such a small prick! A bauble, a tassel!
Who cares if he lives in a castle,
Has servants, to boot?
What’s she do for a root,
If she marries him? Not worth the hassle!


June 18, 2017

The poor girl, though so pretty, so meek!
When he kissed her, she let out a squeak!
When he groped her, the brute,
And demanded a root,
She said no, in a small fit of pique!

Worst dream come true

June 8, 2017

All those words of love, fervently spoken,
The lies told, the promises broken!
To root her like that!
Damn despicable rat!
How much worse though, poor girl, had she woken!

Fatherly wisdom

May 29, 2017

“Look”, said Dad. “Ask her out! A few ales …
Just use my best line! Never fails!
She’ll root, I can tell!
Arse like that, bloody hell!
Leaves a trail of slime like a snails!”

Reading her lips

April 8, 2017

From the overtures that she was making,
Unspoken taboos she was breaking,
She’d not be opposed
To a root, he supposed;
Certain liberties there for the taking!


March 23, 2017

Not the best root he’s had, but a tryer;
No pro, just for casual hire.
Nice body, great boobs,
Bouncy arse and shaved pubes…
Everything that a man could desire!

Wear and tear

February 26, 2017

Her kind offer to root him rebuffed,
She should tell him to go and get stuffed!
What a bloody disgrace,
To have said to her face
That her pussy looked droopy and scuffed!




February 22, 2017

Not a tart, just a bloody good sport!
Not a slut, something, though, of that sort.
She just loves a good root,
So the question is moot.
She’s like one of the lads, like, he thought.



Animal magnetism

February 22, 2017

“What a hairy brute! Breath bloody foul!”
She thought, wary, suppressing a scowl.
A bit strange, by repute,
But a bloody good root…
As he came, with a lycanthrope howl!