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Different strokes

March 30, 2018

Whereas English girls like it romantic,
The other side of the Atlantic,
The making of love
Is all grunt, push and shove;
Rather vulgar, it seems, and too frantic.

The romantic arts

February 28, 2018

Her damn love life was all fits and starts!
She’d allowed men to touch bits and parts,
Touched that part of them too!
Well, what more could she do?
Men cared more about girls’ tits than hearts!

Kiss a frog, anyone?

February 27, 2018

Fast becoming a sexual hermit,
Plain luckless and fuckless, a Kermit,
He could have used whores
But he didn’t because …
It lacked romance, he guessed you could term it.

Smooth talk

October 18, 2017

Dirty, smooth-talking bastard , he smiles,
Whilst employing his dastardly wiles,
The pretence of romance,
To get into the pants
Of the the innocent girls he defiles!


June 18, 2017

“All this feverish romantic rumpus!
But what does it mean, or encompass?”
She said. “Is it love?
God, no! Heavens above!
Women all know, men just want to hump us!”


The cut of his jib

March 7, 2017

A trained eye, she could tell at a glance,
From his stance, and the cut of his pants,
All about a man’s prick
Was it long? Was it thick?
If he felt like a bit of romance!

Antisocial media

July 3, 2015

Well of course, she was sort of offended,
Not so much because it had ended,
Her Facebook romance,
Once he’d got in her pants;
It was more being fucked, then un-friended.

The romantic type

April 20, 2014

They went out in the bus, not a cab.
Later on, at his flat, (rather drab),
He put on the hard word,
(Always did, so she’d heard).
Fair enough, since he’d picked up the tab.

No illusions

March 4, 2014

Fucking’s fucking, she thought, crude and graceless,
That romance crap totally baseless.
When in the right mood
She quite liked being screwed,
Though the men that she rooted were faceless.

The power of positive thinking

October 17, 2013

He was charming, an excellent dancer,
Smooth-talking, a real romancer;
He said “Come to bed!”
And, whatever she said,
He just wouldn’t take no for an answer!