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Heaven and earth

December 7, 2018

Poor young lass, sorely used by the preacher,
In ways lewd and sinful, vile creature,
God’s servant indeed!
Saggy-bellied, weak-kneed,
And so unprepossessing of feature!

The charlatan

October 18, 2018

The sly preacher proclaimed she’d be cured
By faith, and his seminal fluid.
They prayed, she undressed;
She was orally blessed,
And her cunt sacramentally skewered!

Small sins

July 11, 2018

Not a slut, but a frequent transgressor,
She said to her father-confessor.
Was sex still a sin,
If not all the way in,
Or, perhaps, she hoped, somehow, a lesser?



July 6, 2018

The poor girl, she was tortured infernally,
Doomed, she expected, eternally,
Once she gave in,
Though she’d known it was sin,
But goddamn! It felt so good, internally!


May 9, 2018

The young housekeeper thought it quite odd
That the priest drank and blasphemed his god,
Cried “I’m weak and defiled!
You must punish me, child!
Beat my arse, girl, and don’t spare the rod!”


The rough with the smooth

May 7, 2018

Her upbringing was godly and stuffy;
She came home, though, drunk, eyelids puffy,
A just-rooted grin,
Having opted to sin,
And, by choice, with boys rowdy and scruffy!

To skin a cat

March 29, 2018

“Well, she said. “We can either elope,
Go get married, and bugger the pope,
Or I just won’t say yes;
You can rip off my dress,
Tie me up! Look, I brought my own rope!”

The impotence of prayer

March 13, 2018

Women pray to their various gods,
Pious whispers and gestures and nods.
If their gods only knew
The lewd things they then do,
They’d be damned, but then, what are the odds?

Ways and means

February 13, 2018

Though her parents were terribly strict,
Despite morals they tried to inflict,
Still, they couldn’t have known
Things she did on her own,
Nor how often her pussy got licked!

The Friars of Bath

February 1, 2018

The good friars of Bath, I’m afraid,
Have assaulted the scullery maid!
The sods rogered her merrily,
Yea, in ways, verily,
Too, that the Bible forbade!