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Video referee

October 16, 2017

“Yes! Oh God! Fuck!” (Incomprehensible)
Coming, eyes rolled up, insensible.
All on the tape …
Does it constitute rape
To keep fucking her, though reprehensible?

Getting a grip on herself

October 15, 2017

As his grip on her steadily tightened,
She started to get a bit frightened.
He’d made her undress,
Why, she still couldn’t guess,
But would soon, it would seem, be enlightened!

Rank and privilege

October 9, 2017

Such a gentleman, rather exalted,
His manners could not have been faulted,
And yet, pretty much,
Though not raped, not as such,
She’d been fucking well fucking assaulted!

Worst comes to worst

July 27, 2017

She woke suddenly, gasping. She tensed.
There was somebody near, she sensed!
Some vile chap. Even chaps!
Who might rape her perhaps!
Which, in fact, she had nothing against.

Not on the same page

July 5, 2017

He felt awful, the way she was crying.
There was, he supposed, no denying,
She’d not been as keen
As he’d hoped she’d have been,
But you can’t blame a fellow for trying!

Testing the waters

June 9, 2017

In the back of his mind was a lingering
Doubt. Fast asleep ? Or malingering?
Not in the mood,
Crafty bitch, to be screwed?
Well, let’s see how she likes a good fingering!

Worst dream come true

June 8, 2017

All those words of love, fervently spoken,
The lies told, the promises broken!
To root her like that!
Damn despicable rat!
How much worse though, poor girl, had she woken!

The rat race

March 21, 2017

A nice dinner, good wine, he was witty,
But forced himself on her; a pity.
All rather convivial,
Damage just trivial
Though. Part of life in the city.


March 8, 2017

The poor girl couldn’t quite understand,
(Though, of course, he’d have had it all┬áplanned),
How she came to be nude,
On her back, being screwed,
By some subterfuge, some sleight of hand!

Fox and hounds

March 8, 2017

The hunt cancelled; too wet to be riding,
His lordship, besotted, presiding,
Called “Wench! You be the fox!
Tally ho! Out with cocks!
Her poor pussy, once caught, took a hiding!