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The benefit of hindsight

July 15, 2018

Though at first she’d been highly offended,
Outraged, by the time that it ended,
Her ravishment done,
All too soon once begun,
She’d decided she thought it quite splendid!

His saving grace

July 15, 2018

The damn fellow by whom she’d been pestered,
By whom, in fact, one night molested,
She told “Though it’s moot,
If you weren’t a good root
I’d have probably had you arrested!”


July 14, 2018

Not to be thought a slut, she’d resisted,
Kicked, scratched, screamed and cursed, bucked and twisted;
All part of the game,
She’d been fucked all the same,
The best part, strange to say, being fisted!

Party games

July 11, 2018

Pretty drunk, she just lay, glassy-eyed,
Pussy dribbling a bit, open wide.
He unbuttoned his pants.
Well, why pass up the chance?
Not too lively, but still, a free ride!

Beyond reasonable doubt

July 10, 2018

If he’d fucked her, that night, as she claimed,
(As he had), could a fellow be blamed?
She’d flashed tit in the bar,
Sucked his cock in the car;
Why was she not called out, named and shamed?

One for the road

July 9, 2018

What on earth had got into her head?
If she’d only said “no thanks” instead!
Not had just one more drink!
Well, what else would she think,
Naked, spreadeagled, tied to his bed?


May 14, 2018

At the sight of his penis, words failed her!
Shocked, for what good it availed her,
Brave little lass,
Though she fought him, alas,
Soon, arse up and face down, he’d impaled her!

Silver lining

May 4, 2018

“He damn raped me!” she said, with a pout.
“Yeah, alright, I’d gone so long without,
That I didn’t say no,
But not yes, either, though!
Still, I guess, it at least broke the drought!”

Rorts and torts

May 4, 2018

She’d agreed just to kiss him, she thought.
She protested and squealed and fought,
But still finished up nude,
On her back, being screwed!
No big thing, but a bit of a rort.


April 11, 2018

“You damn varmint,” she cried. “Let me loose!”
”Put your cock in your pants and vamoose!”
He growled “Nice bushy hair!
I’ll be puttin’ it where
It’s most likely to be of most use!”