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July 11, 2018

He pulled over, said “Want a root, dear?”
She cried “We can’t have a root here,
With cars driving by!”
Then she started to cry.
“Aww”,he said “then I’ll have a root beer.”

The lobbyist

February 7, 2018

She’d been caught having sex in the lobby.
“Right, Miss. What’s yer game?” said the bobby.
“Just innocent fun!”
She said. “What harm’s been done?
Just a girl’s little bit of a hobby!”



June 30, 2017

As fucks go, it could not have been horrider;
Back to the wall, in a corridor.
People passed by;
He ignored them, this guy,
Grunting, sweating, his face getting florider!

The bucks party

April 19, 2017

His five minutes of fame! Damn notorious!
How was it? God! Fucking glorious!
Banging that stripper…
Those tits! What a ripper!
Blind drunk, of course. Fucking uproarious!


December 18, 2016

Naked, giggling, affected by drink,
On the pool table! “What do you think?”
Said the guy with the cue.
“What’s a fella to do?
Which to pot first? The brown or the pink?”



Always carry a handkerchief

October 23, 2016

Just some bloke at the pub, cute and lanky;
To do what she’d done did seem skanky,
But life’s too damn short!
No regrets then, she thought,
As she wiped off his cum with her hanky.


Teenage girl (17-19) wiping lips with tissue, close-up


September 20, 2016

Dress hitched up, down a grubby side lane,
Being screwed by some man in the rain.
So turned on, too, what’s more!
What if somebody saw?
What to do, how on earth to explain?



Rush hour

December 27, 2015

For some reason she couldn’t explain,
She was horny. Resistance was vain!
She’d come twice with her hand …
Would that man understand,
And just root her, right there on the train?

Bad trip

December 22, 2015

She considered herself quite progressive,
Not hung-up or shy or possessive;
Wife swapping? Okay.
Public sex, bondage play,
But the gangbang, she thought, was excessive!

Making a spectacle of oneself

February 18, 2015

“Well it does, rather, yes, give one pause,
To be publicly rooted, outdoors,
And to come, then, as well!
Strangely, though, truth to tell,
One did rather enjoy the applause!