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Nipped in the bud

May 15, 2018

Girls, come puberty, soon as they bloom,
Await mostly the same pleasant doom;
To be noticed by men,
And desired, and then
Be deflowered; who knows, though, by whom?

Creative play

September 20, 2017

In their horny post-pubertal crisis,
Girls, left to their own cute devices,
Stick things in their twat,
Carrots, heaven knows what,
Barbie dolls! Or a finger suffices.


December 18, 2016

By sixteen, she’d matured and bloomed,
Ripe and ready, flirtatious, perfumed,
Out with boys late most nights,
Sampling all the delights
Of the flesh, her poor parents presumed.



Crossing the line

October 1, 2016

Around fourteen her womanhood loomed;
Hips and breasts swelled. More knowing. She bloomed.
Stupid boys in her class
Squeezed her tits, groped her arse,
To much more of which shit she was doomed.



Hands-on learning

April 2, 2016

Not much hair on her pussy, just fuzz.
When she touches it though, as she does,
If she rubs it just right,
She discovered one night,
Just by chance, there’s a nice kind of buzz!


January 8, 2016

He was twelve, a young larrikin, grubby,
She tomboyish, freckled and chubby;
With puberty came
A new edge to their games
Better secrets, holed up in their cubby!


October 2, 2015

Just sixteen, her libido emergent;
Desires distressing and urgent,
Cunt constantly wet,
Pungent, muskier sweat.
Memo: Buy stronger laundry detergent.




February 11, 2014

Around puberty, sexual urges,
Brought on by wild hormonal surges,
Control young kids’ brains.
Soon a vestige remains
Of the child; a new creature emerges.




March 11, 2013

When a boy’s blood testosterone surges,
A more brutish creature emerges;
Uncouth, hard to love,
Prone to bully and shove,
Prey to desperate sexual urges.

Friends with benefits

August 4, 2012

With their puberties contemporaneous,
Fate, chance, things rather extraneous
Played out, so when
She first thought about men,
He was there; their first fuck just spontaneous.