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The balance of trade

May 22, 2018

Once seduced and abandoned, betrayed,
She soon turned to the world’s oldest trade.
She did rather well, though,
Dressed up nice… even so,
It was all a pathetic charade!

The silver lining

May 16, 2018

Men are bastards, she’d learned, to her cost.
Having been seduced, then double-crossed.
Then she found out men paid,
Though, to get themselves laid,
Pretty well, too, so all was not lost.


Rigor mortis

May 11, 2018

The young whore peered into the coffin.
“Poor Shamus! He visited often.
A terrible shock!
Such a lovely big cock,
Which, I see, death’s done little to soften!”

Waste not, want not

May 9, 2018

She was plainly hard up, the poor lass,
Just a cheap little slut, to be crass!
Though he found it distasteful,
It seemed rather wasteful
To not fuck the trollop, alas!


All you can eat

May 8, 2018

The young waitress, a pert little tart,
Said “Buffet? Or you want a la carte?”
He liked what he saw,
And he said “How much more,
If I want to eat you, just to start?”




Truth in advertising

May 7, 2018

“Virgin. Eighteen. Great body. Superb!”
So it said in the newspaper blurb.
He drove by, as you do,
But the only thing new
Was a small-titted kid on the kerb.

His pound of flesh

May 6, 2018

In the end, he became quite irate.
“Since you’re charging me such a high rate”,
He roared. “ Bugger the licks,
And your clever damn tricks,
Get your cunt on my cock and gyrate!”



Behind the eight ball

May 6, 2018

Seemed whatever she did turned out crooked
Life pretty much had her damn snookered!
She’d waitressed, parked cars,
Picked up men in rough bars,
Then thought “Fuck it!”, and just straight-out hookered.

Fairy-tale ending

May 3, 2018

Pretty weird! She’s dressed as Snow-White …
Kinky, yeah? Still, it’s been a slow night,
And she’s there, being screwed
By this little fat dude…
What a giggle! (She doesn’t, though, quite.)

Slim pickings

April 8, 2018

Still flat-chested and thin, a late bloomer;
That didn’t upset his good humour.
Adept, but still learning
To please the discerning,
If rather demanding consumer!