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Job satisfaction

August 14, 2018

“I love fucking!” she said, with a smirk.
“It’s a job a gal don’t wanna shirk.
Gettin’ paid just to root,
And free whisky to boot!
Well, it ain’t what I’d really call work!”

The company he keeps

July 18, 2018

Said Her Majesty, “This is just awful!
One ought to just make it unlawful,
Let men be disgraced,
For such damned sinful waste
Of good money and seed, by the whoreful!

Hello sailor

July 10, 2018

“”Hello sailor!” The tart called. “Ahoy!”
He walked over, surprisingly coy.
“You got such a nice bum,”
He said. “Lovely for some.
What a pity you ain’t a nice boy!”


July 10, 2018

The come-ons of the pretty young whores,
In their snippets of satin and gauze,
Splendid tits, a nice arse,
As he hurries to pass,
Mr. Charles James Esq. ignores.

The photographer’s model

July 4, 2018

A photographer’s model, her fees
(“Spread your legs, darlin’. Wider. Say cheese!”)
Depend largely on what
You want done, clothed or not,
If the rent’s due, and if you say please.

The madam

June 12, 2018

Just fifteen when she went on the game,
Now she owned her own house of ill fame.
She still screwed the odd john,
Just to be, like, hands-on;
Plus se change, the more ever the same!

The balance of trade

May 22, 2018

Once seduced and abandoned, betrayed,
She soon turned to the world’s oldest trade.
She did rather well, though,
Dressed up nice… even so,
It was all a pathetic charade!

The silver lining

May 16, 2018

Men are bastards, she’d learned, to her cost.
Having been seduced, then double-crossed.
Then she found out men paid,
Though, to get themselves laid,
Pretty well, too, so all was not lost.


Rigor mortis

May 11, 2018

The young whore peered into the coffin.
“Poor Shamus! He visited often.
A terrible shock!
Such a lovely big cock,
Which, I see, death’s done little to soften!”

Waste not, want not

May 9, 2018

She was plainly hard up, the poor lass,
Just a cheap little slut, to be crass!
Though he found it distasteful,
It seemed rather wasteful
To not fuck the trollop, alas!