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November 4, 2018

Seem’s like nothin’ that girl wouldn’t screw!
Blokes, of course, chicks-with-dicks…don’t mind who!
Old men, dykes, little boys,
All those big rubber toys,
Donkeys, dogs… damn! The whole fuckin zoo!

Broadening one’s horizons

July 29, 2018

Although not to suggest immorality,
Just as a vague generality,
Girls in Lahore,
Beauties all, all what’s more,
Show remarkable… ummm… hospitality.

Truth in advertising.

July 11, 2018

“I’m a virgin,” she said. “Bona fide!”
But, of course, it turned out that she’d lied.
She’d been rooted by men,
Not just now and again,
But extensively so, far and wide!

Value judgement

January 10, 2018

“Bein’ faithful ain’t worth a plugged nickel!”
She said. “I ain’t sayin’ a gal should be fickle,
But fuck! What’s the harm,
When men turn on the charm,
In a bit of good ol’ slap ‘n’ tickle?”


December 13, 2017

A great beauty, one couldn’t deny it;
She rooted, but just on the quiet.
If word got around
That she did, as she’d found,
There ensued an unseemly, lewd riot!


December 13, 2016

“Look,” she said. “Please excuse my profanity;
Whom you fuck comes down to vanity.
Never mind who,
Fuck the ugly ones too,
For the overall good of humanity!”



Looking on the funny side

September 1, 2016

The girl’s morals were pretty precarious;
Sex was just fun, quite hilarious,
Nothing mysterious,
Love much too serious,
Lovers, though, many and various!

The existentiality of intercourse

November 24, 2015

She thought sex, just like food, quite essential;
Her lovers were mostly sequential,
Though some were extraneous,
(All of this quite confidential.)

The bohemian

June 17, 2014

Her behaviour, at times, gave one pause.
Things she said caused the dropping of jaws.
If she fucked indiscreetly,
She’d simply smile sweetly,
When found out, and say “Well, up yours!”

Grey cats in the dark

December 17, 2013

She’d got pregnant, but who was to blame?
Tom? Dick? Harry? Some other first name?
Perhaps no name at all!
She just couldn’t recall.
In the dark they’d all seemed much the same.