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Small mercy

October 14, 2018

“Well,” she thought. “That was rather distressing!”
Whilst wiping her pussy, and dressing.
“Damn lecherous beast!
He came quickly, at least,
Barely in me! That’s some sort of blessing!”

Youthful enthusiasm

August 16, 2015

His cock hard, as he hitched up her dress,
As she tugged at her panties, “Yes! Yes!”
But he came in her hand;
(His first time, understand.)
What a hot, sticky, glorious mess!

First time lucky

March 16, 2014

“We’ll that wasn’t too bad!” she’d said, brightly.
“Tight fit, but it only hurt slightly!”
She seemed a bit shocked
That he’d gone off half-cocked
Half-way in, so she’d been let off lightly.



Spilt milk

March 12, 2013

As his hand slid up under her dress,
She sighed “Yes! Oh my God! Touch me! Yes!”
While she pulled down his zip;
She just tickled the tip,
And he came in hand! What a mess!

Swift as desire

August 21, 2012

He was left feeling just a bit miffed.
She was beautiful, blessed with a gift
For the giving of pleasure;
He’d certainly treasure
This night, though his coming was swift!


August 17, 2012

Before even fully inserted,
His cock convulsed wildly and spurted!
It needn’t have done,
If instead they’d begun
A bit earlier, not only flirted.

The upper hand

November 2, 2011

When he groped at her tits, she got cross,
And thought “Fuck it! I’ll show him who’s boss!”
So she did a slow strip;
First he started to drip,
Then he came, and she thought “Well, small loss!”

Love at first sight

April 28, 2011

With her help, he unfastened her bra,
And he looked and thought “God! There they are!”
Then he took off her pants,
And from just a quick glance,
As he came he was heard exclaim “Ahh!”