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The game

July 16, 2018

Though he’d said he’d pull out when he came,
He said “Oops! I forgot.” Pretty lame!
So… a few anxious weeks.
Bloody liars and sneaks!
Still, she figured, all part of the game.

The dandy

May 20, 2018

Quite the man about town  was young Harold,
Smart-talking and gaudy-apparelled.
“I give you her hand,”
Said her Dad, gun in hand,
“And it ain’t just your name’s double-barrelled!”

Falling woman

June 18, 2017

Dress hitched up, panting, jauntily perched
On his rigid cock, sadly unchurched!
Soon the whole town will know,
When she’s started to show;
Snide remarks, reputation besmirched.

The sins of the mother

May 29, 2017

God said no, but poor Kate wasn’t listening,
Legs spread, her young pussy glistening!
Lord! how she’d come!
“Wake up, girl!” called her Mum,
“We’ll be bloody well late for the christening!”


Poor cow

February 1, 2017

“All this shit from one stupid damn screw!
Baby vomit and piss, baby poo!
My nice tits turned to udders!”
She whimpers and shudders.
Oh fuck! Fucking hell! Fucking moo!”





Water under the bridge

April 14, 2016

She’d not taken too much to convince.
He’d pull out, she’d just have a quick rinse.
It seemed simple enough.
Poor girl, well up the duff,
And no sign of the bloke, of course, since!



She told her so

November 6, 2014

Her mum shouted “Well, what did I tell you?
I said don’t take men at face value!
They promise the earth…
But there’s no virgin birth!
You deserve ev’rything that befell you!”

Blame it on the Spencer Davis Group

November 6, 2014

Her sex drive was just too strong to govern;
Her motto was “Gimme some lovin’!”
She thought she was cool,
But before she left school,
There she was, with a bun in the oven!

Cut and thrust

September 23, 2014

Blind to all but his throbbing erection,
He didn’t use any protection;
The girl didn’t care,
To be totally fair;
Nine months later … caesarean section!


April 9, 2014

Motherhood is a thing to aspire to,
Consequent, some nine months prior, to
Fucking a man
(More than once, if one can),
Though some women have little desire to.