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November 7, 2018

Well, she thought. He’s a curious fella!
Don’t get out too much, by his pallor.
The whips and the chains?
Guess that sort of explains
Why I’m locked in this cage, in his cellar!


June 10, 2016

“Want a fuck?” “Oh my God!” she retorted.
“You pervert! You should be reported!
A bloody disgrace,
To say fuck to my face!
I shall have you locked up! Or deported!”




The perils of selling encyclopaedias

March 31, 2016

“Please come in!” he says, strangely emphatic.
“Thanks so much!” she says, automatic.
If only she knew
The vile things that he’d do
To her, later that night, in his attic!

The proof’s in the eating

July 21, 2013

She thought “Golly! This chap’s got some nerve!”
Short and cheeky, a bit of a perv.
But this comical runt
Knew his way round a cunt;
Cunnilingus was just the hors d’oeuvre!

The American bar scene

April 21, 2013

She went out to a bar and got drunk;
The last thing she recalled was a “clunk”.
She woke up, half-undressed,
As the unwilling guest
Of some pervert, tied up in his trunk!