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Beginner’s luck

July 27, 2018

“Gosh!” she thought. “Fucking’s much under-rated!”
(His penis size not unrelated).
“And just when I swore
I can’t come anymore,
Here I am, coming still, unabated!”

Frill-necked lizard

July 11, 2018

“Well then! What have we here?” (Eyes twinkling.)
“My goodness! So big!” She laughed, (tinkling).
“Good Lord! Bigger still!”
She cried, tickling its frill,
As his penis continued unwrinkling!

Coalition of the willing

July 11, 2017

Her compliance, of course, was well meant,
Since he’d seemed to be bloody hell-bent!
She’d got naked, OK,
But was hard put to say
Where his damn penis, truth to tell, went!

She’s only human

January 30, 2017

Her new consort seemed well engineered,
Though humanoid sex still felt weird.
That penis extension!
A lovely invention!
And hard night and day, it appeared!



Fond thoughts

June 10, 2016

Not in love, she was just sort of fond;
He was handsome and tousled and blonde,
Had a nice penis too,
But still, during a screw,
Did she have to pretend to respond?

The existential nature of sex

March 19, 2016

Now the time came he always most hated;
He’d fucked her, his penis deflated.
He’d get hard again,
Fuck some more, but till then,
What to do with her now, while he waited?



Testing limits

March 11, 2016

Black boys’ cocks! Halfway down their damn thighs!
Why don’t white boys have peckers that size?
Would a black penis fit
In her little white slit?
Well, she won’t ever know, till she tries!


January 6, 2016

Then he whipped out his penis, flip-flop!
He was hung like a donkey! Clip-clop!
Could she get any wetter?
The sooner the better!
Wham-bam! Up her pussy! Slip-slop!

Giving head

January 3, 2016

The female of the Mantidae genus
When rooted does something quite heinous
She bites off the head
Of the male, it’s said,
Then devours him, all bar the penis!



December 26, 2015

Pheromones: scents of which just a whiff
Makes a pussy wet, penises stiff,
And a fuck’s in the air,
Just a question of where.
Here? Now? Yours or mine? But not if!