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Moving on

March 26, 2018

Once the mob had begun to disperse,
She lay, thinking, it could have been worse.
She’d been gang-banged. Not good.
Scrap the panties (you would),
But she still had her phone and her purse.

A bit Irish

March 8, 2018

“Put yer panties back on, ya big sook!
Ain’t no harm in just havin’ a look!”
He said. “I showed ya mine!
Ya don’t want a root? Fine!
Fook off then! I don’t give a damn fook!”


August 17, 2017

The poor girl, so besotted, enamoured;
“Y-yes! Y-y-yes, please!” she stammered.
The words scarce left her mouth
Than, her panties gone south,
She was tits-down, arse-up, being hammered!

Caught with her pants down

June 14, 2017

“Well, of course, God! I’d misunderstood.
Silly twat!” she said. “All well and good,
Panties down round my ankles!
The thing, though, that rankles,
I’d still fuck him now, if I could!”

Taking the hint

May 30, 2017

Her lace knickers, so flimsy and scanty,
Not panties quite, more just a panty,
And all that she wore!
He must fuck her, he swore!
(Which, of course, she would not have been anti!)

Lies and damn lies

March 21, 2017

Her predicament grew rather dire:
His hand up her dress, moving higher!
“Oh Jesus!” she cried,
Panties tugged to one side.
“I’ll just put in the tip.” Bloody liar!


March 10, 2017

Bored and horny, she lounged about idly,
Blouse gaping, her thighs parted widely;
He looked up, a glance.
“Better put on some pants,
Or your cunt might catch cold,” he said snidely.

Waste not, want not

January 25, 2017

The poor girl! Passed out, pissed as a newt!
Panties showing. Those tits! She’s damn cute.
She’s so cheeky and flirty,
She wouldn’t get shirty,
He hoped, if he slipped her a root.





August 4, 2016

“I have something,” she said “to confess.
I’ve no panties on under this dress!
It’s a little bit draughty,”
She said, looking crafty,
“But saves time and trouble, and mess!”

Airing dirty washing

August 2, 2016

Panties tattered, with stains on the gusset,
Mixed pearly and ruby and russet,
She sat, looking glum.
“What’s all this?” said her Mum.
She just sobbed “I don’t want to discuss it.”