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Gone astray

October 16, 2018

In her little chemise, of white cotton,
Her mother’s advice quite forgotten,
Her panties gone south,
And his cock in her mouth…
What a scoundrel! How perfectly rotten!

Pause for thought

July 16, 2018

In her pussy (most times), or her bum,
Or her mouth, pretty often. (Well, yum!)
Am I just, she thought, sceptical,
Some damn receptacle,
Some place to empty his cum?

Oral testimony

January 8, 2018

Who’d have guessed, when she’d seemed so aloof?
“Gosh!” he said. “Won’t your Dad hit the roof?”
“Well, he would, if he knew,”
She said, “seeing it’s you,
But he won’t, since I’ve swallowed the proof!”

Losing face

September 19, 2017

Although prom queen, the belle of the ball,
There she was, at the back of the hall,
Kneeling, copping a faceful!
Of course, quite disgraceful,
Though less so, his cock being small.

Poetry in motion

August 4, 2017

Her big, pendulous boobs bounced and bobbled,
Her moon-cheeked, plump arse twitched and wobbled,
Her hair brushed his thighs
As, with love in her eyes,
And his cock in her cake-hole, she gobbled!

The gift

July 20, 2017

Sweet sixteen, almost never been kissed;
Such soft lips, and so supple a wrist!
Quite astounding; so young,
Such a talented tongue,
And her slippery grip; rub and twist!


May 30, 2017

Champagne, canapés, all very swanky,
The hostess herself, though, quite skanky!
She sucked off a waiter,
Though, daintily, later,
She spat in a little lace hankie.


March 2, 2017

Mama told her “Child, learn the fandango.”
“Maybe,” she replied. “Where’s the mango?”
“Your mouth,” said her her mum,
“Or your pussy or bum,
Anywhere that he wants to, or can go!”





The digital age

October 19, 2016

He’d gone down on her, had a good lick,
Worked four fingers in, pretty neat trick!
When he stuck in his toe,
“Must you pussyfoot so?”
She exclaimed. “Do you not have a prick?”



The oral tradition

June 9, 2016

Still a virgin, to fuck meant disgrace!
Not her pussy then, some other place.
Being hard-pressed to choose,
It seemed better to lose
Not her cherry, but only some face!