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March 27, 2018

Quite hung-over, next day, when she woke,
In a motel, with some hairy bloke,
Neatly folded black dress,
She thought “Guess I said yes,
Which it’s too late, I guess, to revoke.”

Jock itch

October 5, 2017

One night stands, which she tended to shun,
She enjoyed, once the fuck had begun,
An anonymous screw,
Any dumb jock would do,
Any swinging dick better than none!

Post hoc

August 23, 2017

He was just a stray root, just ad hoc,
Only some dopey football-mad jock,
Not much talk after, though.
Still, as one-nighters go,
Well, at least he had not a bad cock.

Better to have loved and lost

February 29, 2016

To just fuck her and leave did seem callous,
Not done though, she thought, out of malice.
The man was a brute,
But it was a good root!
All her girlfriends were terribly jealous.

Passing acquaintance

January 1, 2014

They’d made love, which she’d later regret.
Though he’d said that he’d never forget,
When she called him next day,
He said “Who did you say?”
Like as if he’d forgotten they’d met!